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GEOs: Global
CoachTrigger: Next-Gen Coaching Platform
CoachTrigger is an all-in-one-platform expertly designed by coaches for coaches, offering a superior, tailored learning
experience in an automated educational process. More than just enhancing efficiency and flexibility, CoachTrigger also naturally encourages upselling for coaches, as students become keen to invest in their clearly visualized personal progress.
Benefits for Both Coaches and Students:
For Students-  
Tailored coaching for individuals => Assigned with coaching content tailored with personal progression and needs.
Mobile Accessibility => Learn and manage on the go with our integrated mobile app for both students and coaches.
For Coaches-
Seamless upsells => Generate recurring income effortlessly. As students progress with their personalized content that can be found nowhere in the market, they’re organically inclined to seek out improvements, leading to natural upselling opportunities. It’s automated, set-and-forget.
An all-in-one system => Includes CRM, progression tracking, leaderboard, mobile management app and more.
For affiliates-
Dual income streams => Earn lifetime recurring commissions from customers and benefit from sub-affiliates passively contributing to your earnings.
A strong authentic brand- A stepping stone to greater appreciation and stronger brand loyalty from your audience.
CoachTrigger Commitment: 
CoachTrigger stands for the global empowerment of coaches. The dedication is backed by a robust in-house tech and support team, providing round-the-clock support and bespoke services tailored to the coaches needs.
Join the CoachTrigger Partner Program: 
We invite partners with relevant experience to join us as we ascend to new heights together.
Click here to become a part of our journey and elevate your coaching career with CoachTrigger.
Contact: Oscar Su
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