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LeoVegas Still Tops Searches Despite Norway Exit

LeoVegas is one of the Swedish flagman betting companies that has gained popularity across Scandinavia, due to its high quality services and aggressive marketing. But there is one country where LeoVegas had to cease all operations and announce a withdrawal. That country is Norway. This decision came unexpectedly for the users, who continue to search for alternatives to LeoVegas in Norway.

Why the Monopoly Isn’t Enough

So why this continued interest? The answer lies in the limitations of Norway’s current gambling landscape. The last two years have not been easy for betting companies in Norway. The government made an attempt to stop all the unlicensed betting companies from operating in Norway. At the same time, those companies that want to operate legally cannot do so, as there is no licensing system yet. The market is dominated by one gambling company that represents a full monopoly on gambling in the country: Norsk Tipping.

However, regardless of the government’s attempts to make Norsk Tipping the only available betting website, many users do not find it satisfactory and keep looking for the well-known brands. According to the data provided by oddsbonuser.nu, more than eleven thousand people in Norway searched for LeoVegas on Google in March alone. The number has been even higher in previous months, when almost twenty thousand people were trying to reach their accounts on LeoVegas.

A Void Filled with Uncertainty

The void left by LeoVegas and other international brands has been filled by smaller betting companies. However, these new players struggle to compete. Search volumes for these companies are significantly lower than those for LeoVegas, indicating a lack of established trust and brand recognition. Worldwide gambling brands that used to be available to Norwegian users but withdrew due to high pressure and fines left a void in the market.

Furthermore, Norwegians are actively searching for “New betting sites,” demonstrating a clear desire for more options. This presents a challenge for the Norwegian government. Will they open the market to licensed competitors, or will they maintain their restrictive monopoly?

The Future of Norwegian Gambling

The current situation in Norway is unique in Europe. Most countries have embraced a more open market system where licensed operators can compete. Norway’s insistence on a monopoly raises questions about user choice and potential benefits of a competitive market.

While the Norwegian government hasn’t announced any plans to change the status quo, the persistent popularity of brands like LeoVegas and the ongoing search for alternatives suggest that the current system might be unsustainable in the long run. Only time will tell if Norway will budge and allow for a more open and competitive gambling market.

Among the new companies now available to Norwegian users are Sportaza, Sportuna, FoggyBet, GoldenBet and others. The search volume for each of these companies is less than one thousand per month, which is a significant downgrade from the above-mentioned LeoVegas.

The low search volumes are a direct indicator that the companies do not present much interest for the bettors, as opposed to their more popular competitors. Additionally, the searches for the “New betting sites” are steadily high in Norway. This means that there is a rising demand for more companies providing gambling services, and the users will continue searching for more, instead of placing bets with the one and only official betting company in the country, Norsk Tipping, that represents a full monopoly on gambling in Norway.

In Conclusion…

It is still unclear whether Norwegian authorities will open the market for other brands, or will they keep fighting to maintain a monopoly with only one legal brand to chose from? For now, Norway is one of the very few countries left in Europe to favour this system instead of an open market where brands can operate under the purchased licenses. So far, the Norwegian authorities have not communicated any plans to change the current situation, but things may change in the future.


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