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AMPLIFY SUMMIT: Day 2 Panel Highlights

We return with a look back at Day Two of this year’s AMPLIFY Summit, which was brought to you by Affiverse. In this week’s episode, Lee-Ann shares insights from expert panels on topics such as: Future-proofing affiliate programs in the iGaming sector, fraud and compliance in affiliate programs, and incrementality and tracking for sustainable growth. We hope that you enjoy listening to these valuable insights and for a knowledge explosion, be sure to get your Early Bird ticket booked before May 31 for our London event – ELEVATE 2024. Here’s to continuing to empower our industry with the educational insights we all need…

Listen in to the highlights from Day Two, here…

Panel 5: Future-Proofing Your Affiliate Strategy

In our first panel of Day Two, we focused on the iGaming sector and how to future-proof your affiliate strategy, by asking our expert speakers what trends they can see coming and which are here to stay. 

Our speakers in this panel included: Petra Zackrisson Better Collective’s SVP of Growth, Cellxpert’s CEO Assaf Dor, PIN-UP Partners’ Sales Team Lead Anastasiia Kaum, and Dmitry Belianin CEO of 

The panel were asked all about the trends that they are seeing and the impact these may be having in the industry. What really stood out was the explosion of influencer marketing, coupled with the rise of Artificial Intelligence and how consumers engage online (with internet behaviours and search patterns being changed by social media channels like Tik Tok). 

Listen in to hear what they had to say about feeling the trends and understanding the market dynamics surrounding these. AI and the role it plays in content optimisation was discussed, as well as just being aware that there is a lot going on in our industry (always!) and so the trends often differ from region to region. 

Panel 6:  Fraud and Compliance

The next panel was on the hot topic of fraud and compliance. The key hook here is that you may be paying for a monumental amount of fraud ….but you just don’t know it! Anura’s CEO Rich Kahn, Jenny Gonzalez, Rocahead’s CEO, Red Star Owner Red Barrington and Parul Bhargava, vCommission’s CEO talk about myth-busting and monitoring tactics in this panel.

There are many different types of fraud that were highlighted. Including human fraud forms hired to fill out stolen information, cashback and voucher codes fraud and, believe it or not, bots that play games up to a certain level to avoid being spotted in fraud assessment tools. As well as the staggering statistics shared of exactly how fraud is impacting the industry. Not to mention the importance of building relationships with partners, networks and affiliates as a program fraud prevention measure. 

Key Takeaways

  • The iGaming sector is experiencing trends such as influencer marketing and the impact of social media channels like TikTok.
  • Fraud is a significant concern in affiliate programs, and it is important to build relationships with partners and implement fraud prevention measures.
  • Tracking the incremental value of affiliates in affiliate programs can be challenging, and education on accurate tracking is crucial.


If you missed last week’s episode, where we took a look at the conversations from Day One, you can listen to the episode here


Listen to find out more about:

  • The explosion of influencer marketing 
  • Future-proofing Affiliate Programs in the iGaming sector
  • How to grow, improve, and replicate successes in our affiliate programs


Key segments of this podcast and where you can tune in to go direct: 

[04:05] Future-proofing your affiliate strategy 

[09:50] Fraud and Compliance 

[18:42] Incrementally and Tracking – Building sustainable growth 


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