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Geos: Global

Contact: Richard Wanigasekera [email protected]

Telepphone:  +44 (0) 7957 349 024

  • Are your affiliates compliant?
  • Are your affiliates promoting your product within your brand and regulatory guidelines?
  • Is your brand operating within all Compliance, GDPR and regulatory requirements?
  • Are your affiliate management processes as efficient as they could be?


If your answer to all of the above is not a resounding “Yes!” – integrating into your compliance monitoring and affiliate management workflow should be an essential consideration.

What is is the compliance application that runs in parallel to your affiliate tracking software. It offers a unique combination of automated affiliate website scanning features, affiliate management and affiliate acquisition tools. Most importantly – automated alerts of all affiliates in your entire database that breach of your promotional guidelines. All of this (and more), bundled into a slick and intuitive interface.

Why was designed to increase the efficiency and transparency of the affiliate management process (CRM), whilst giving affiliate managers all the tools necessary to help keep their brand and affiliates compliant (Compliance Scanning).

The benefit of using for brands is the saving of millions in possible regulatory fines and lost revenue through inefficient processes. The benefits for affiliates being managed by brands using is an increase in the accuracy and relevance of information and promotional content served to their audience. This will inevitably lead to increased revenue and better relationships with brands, making affiliates true business partners.

Don’t Worry Choose

Stop worrying if affiliates are compliant, and if they are using the most current ads and promotional material. Stop concerning yourself wondering if affiliates are brand squatting, PPC bidding on your brand name. With on your side, affiliate managers are always in full control. With the ability to closely monitor affiliate compliance, activity and receive alerts on all issues of non-compliance, the thought of regulatory fines will never enter your mind.

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