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SaaS platform for creating affiliate programs

Alanbase is a SaaS platform for creating affiliate programs and optimizing performance marketing. The tool adapts to any niche and vertical. You can launch both an affiliate program for the brand and create your own multi-vertical CPA network. In addition, the platform is useful for media buying teams, allowing to track targeted actions and evaluate the effectiveness of various traffic sources with flexible management.

Alanbase can launch an affiliate program in almost any vertical:
iGaming: gambling, betting, poker, etc.;
White E-commerce;
Desktop and mobile games;
Subscription products;
Information products;

Since the team helps with adapting the system to the needs of the client, you can launch products in any vertical. There are also ready-made instances for gaming, e-commerce, and mobile.

The main advantages:
Fast support — they work 24/7;
Easy and fast integration;
The ability to track and display any arbitrary goals and events in statistics;
Calculation of complex goals: sums, thresholds, qualifications, etc.;
User statistics based on proprietary column formulas and diagrams in real time;
Cohort analysis using proprietary formulas and columns allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of traffic;
The ability to track by promo codes and external leads;
NGR calculation using arbitrary formulas that are easily configured in the system interface.

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