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Affiliate Software

Geos: Global 

Contact: [email protected]

StatsDrone is a software tool for affiliates and webmasters to view and store their statistics and commissions in one place without having to login to all of your accounts. StatsDrone helps affiliates record and store your data such as clicks, signups, downloads, new customers and commissions and stores this information locally on your computer. The software tool is available for Windows, Mac and linux computers.

StatsDrone is the best place to discover new affiliate programs. We are the best source of new affiliate programs and you can find these in our system as soon as they launch and are available to join.


System notifications
StatsDrone has system notifications and messaging built in so you can know when programs have critical messages to deliver to affiliates or information that pertains to their affiliate program.


Exclusive Offers
We work hard to help you get the best offers possible and have many exclusive deals to help you earn more with your affiliate programs.


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