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Phonexa is an enterprise-grade tracking software for performance, affiliate, and partner marketing. The Phonexa Suite is the underlying tech that carries through the consumer lead and call lifecycle, helping performance marketing teams drive ROI for brands across affiliate, partner, and paid channels.


Phonexa prioritizes outcomes-based marketing across customer interactions like clicks, calls, form submissions, website behavior, and more. Through its single operating solution, the Phonexa Suite gives D2C publishers, networks, agencies, and brands unprecedented access and control to campaigns, eliminates lack of transparency across lead generation, and automates processes.


The Phonexa Suite allows clients to optimize frictionless customer acquisition efforts and analyze the sources that drive qualified pipeline.


Phonexa users take advantage of an all-in-one suite of software, complete with eight turnkey solutions covering all areas of marketing and lead generation.

LMS Sync (lead tracking and distribution)
Call Logic (call tracking and distribution)
E-Delivery (email and SMS marketing)
Cloud PBX (cloud phone system)
Lynx (click tracking)
Opt-Intel (suppression list management)
HitMetrix (user behavior recording and analytics)
Books360 (automated accounting)


Businesses Using Phonexa Reported Benefits from:

  • Real-time identification of the most profitable marketing channels, campaigns, and lead providers.
  • Enhanced lead tracking and distribution for both calls and data leads.
  • Increased insights into the customer journey across all mediums.
  • Avoidance of TCPA and other compliance problems.
  • Elimination of lead fraud from third-party marketers.
  • Reduced operational and management time.
  • Integrations with third-party CRMs, including disposition ping-back.
  • Consolidation of multiple platforms.
  • Improved decisions on marketing spend allocation from predictive modeling.
  • Highly customized reporting and analytics.
  • 24/7 Customer Support.


For any queries contact [email protected]

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