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Webinar Rewind | Understanding the Power of Game Selections

Recently, Affiverse CEO Lee-Ann Johnstone was joined by Connor Blinman, Head of Games at Gaming Corps to talk about understanding the power of game selections and what all iGaming Affiliate Managers need to know.

The conversation explores the psychology behind games and how different game genres can influence affiliate program performance….

What All iGaming Affiliate Managers Should Know 

This webinar is going to help you understand how to leverage content for both your affiliates and also for your end customer – the audience that’s actually playing on your casino sites. What Connor and Lee-Ann discuss is relevant, whether you’re promoting the games or whether you’re actually educating consumers on which games that they should be playing and those that are going to derive a lot of revenue. 

Connor explains the importance of choosing the right games to promote and how different games appeal to different demographics. The conversation also touches on the evolution of slot games and the popularity of games like Crash and Mines. 

Understanding Your Target Audience

The webinar emphasises the need for affiliate managers to understand their target audience and tailor their game selections accordingly. The conversation explores the impact of different game types on player behaviour and the importance of diversifying game offerings in affiliate programs. 

The discussion evolves to explore the relationship between game genres and revenue generation. Connor explains how different game genres appeal to diverse audience demographics, influencing player acquisition and retention. He emphasises the importance of selecting games that resonate with target audiences, ensuring optimal conversion rates and revenue generation.

Lee-Ann and Connor talk about the symbiotic relationship between affiliates and operators, highlighting how strategic game selections benefit both parties. Affiliates aim to attract and convert players, while operators seek to maximise player lifetime value and revenue. By aligning game selections with audience preferences and market trends, affiliates can enhance conversion rates and revenue generation.

Key Takeaways 

  • Choosing the right games to promote is crucial for the success of iGaming affiliate programs.
  • Different game genres appeal to different demographics, and it’s important to understand the preferences of the target audience.
  • Simplifying games and providing a user-friendly experience can lead to higher conversion rates.
  • Affiliate managers should consider the niche markets they are targeting and offer tailored game selections.
  • Game theory and mechanics play a significant role in the user journey and can impact revenue and uplift in affiliate programs. Different game types have different impacts on player behavior and should be diversified in affiliate programs.
  • Crash games are popular in LATAM, while football-themed mind games are growing in Europe.
  • Understanding the psychology behind game mechanics, such as anticipation and potential wins, is crucial for effective promotion.
  • Education and knowledge of game types are important for affiliates and affiliate managers to make informed decisions.
  • Differentiation and leveraging game content can give a competitive edge in the gaming industry.

In conclusion…

The webinar provides a comprehensive overview of how strategic game selections can elevate iGaming affiliate programs. By leveraging content and understanding audience preferences, affiliates can optimise their promotions to drive engagement and revenue. With expert insights from industry leaders like Connor and Lee-Ann, listen in to gain valuable knowledge and actionable strategies to succeed in the competitive iGaming affiliate marketing space.

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