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Everflow is the smarter Partner Marketing & Tracking Platform. Everflow empowers clients to track campaigns without links and understand everything: Affiliates, Influencers, App Publishers, Referral Partners, Strategic Partners, and even all the Performance Media Buying Channels.


Everflow provides speed and scale through Google Cloud infrastructure, automated optimization through SmartSwitch, with accessible reports for deep diving into every user’s click.

  • Track all marketing channels across desktop and In-App environments.
  • View your reporting across any datapoint – optimize on the placement level.
  • Influencer tracking through coupon links in URL.
  • Manage an unlimited number of affiliates, offers, and influencers.
  • Built-in anti-fraud defenses automatically block bad traffic: proxies, duplicates, click Injection, and more.
  • Strong portfolio of integrations with industry leaders to integrate and simplify your marketing tech stack


We address several major issues in the industry through:
Scalable Infrastructure built on Google Cloud (Case Study) – The current growth rate for mobile traffic is a 79% increase year-over-year (Ericsson, 2018); therefore, any platform that wants to handle both mobile and desktop needs the infrastructure to handle this staggering growth in traffic.

  • Drilling Down on Performance – Modern partners are global and promote through multiple placements or sub-publishers. It’s critical to be able to quickly evaluate performance by each GEO, city, and placement.
  • Deterministic Fraud Blocking – We let clients to set clear rules about the kinds of traffic that should be considered unnatural, and automatically block any traffic that violates those rules. Flagging is too slow when you’re working with sensitive brands and agencies, where even a single bad source can ruin your relationships.
  • Driving Customer Success – We consistently hear that our support is our best feature. Starting with hands-on onboarding and migrations for all new clients, and then answering questions promptly through in-platform live chat support from our veteran Customer Success team.


Request a demo and learn why hundreds of Agencies, Brands, and Ad Networks have switched to Everflow

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