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Meta to create “master account” Facebook profiles

Facebook and Instagram-umbrella company, Meta, is considering experimenting with “master accounts”. A user can set up various accounts and tie them back to a master account where they can be managed.

The idea, reported by Bloomberg, sees Meta detail how one user can create up to five different identities in order to communicate with different elements of the platform. For example, you could have your professional profile with co-workers, clients, and networking individuals visible, but also have the extended family seeing your weekend endeavors on another profile. All of these profiles will then be controlled from the one master account.

As Bloomberg explained: “Meta will start letting users create multiple profiles with their Facebook accounts, the company’s latest attempt to encourage posting and sharing on its social network.  As part of a test, certain Facebook members will be able to create as many as four additional profiles, and each one won’t need to include a person’s real name or identity.”

Each of the different facets of your identities will be met with its own news feed and will only show content that is designed for its purpose and target audience, for lack of a better term.

But that term might be exactly what we’re aiming at. Marketing managers controlling various brand Facebook profiles can better control who says what and to what audience from an idea like a master account, making affiliate marketers’ lives, in particular, a lot easier.

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