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AMPLIFY SUMMIT: Day 1 Panel Highlights

This week on the Affiliate Marketing Podcast, we have a very special episode. Lee-Ann brings you a sneak peek at what we experienced at this year’s AMPLIFY Summit, brought to you by Affiverse. This year’s content was streamed to more than 2,500 of you lovely listeners that joined the event! In case you missed it, we are spending the next two weeks taking a look back at what was learned at the event, over the course of both days.

Listen in to the highlights from Day One, here…

Panel 1: Amplifying Your Affiliate Business in 2024

AMPLIFY Summit’s opening panel focused on Amplifying your Affiliate business in 2024: Raising capital and managing affiliates with modern financing. 

In this panel we were joined by: James Courtney, CEO from LUX Rewards, Richard Dennys, recently appointed CEO of Game Lounge, Everflow’s Agency Partnerships Manager, Laurie Cutts, and Revving’s CEO Chris Pettit.

What does amplifying your affiliate business really mean? The aim of the panel was to discuss how the industry is moving forward and what you need to do to build more effective long-term partnerships. Lee-Ann posed the question of what are the challenges brands are being faced with right now? Chris Pettit from Revving laid out some staggering statistics for us – and we also looked at the reasons why advertisers may set longer payment terms. 

Chris Pettit explained, “Maybe what we can start with is I thought I’d just share a few of the insights that we’ve discovered across the business, since we’ve come into the sector – which sort of highlight the problem.”

Listen in to hear the stats that Chris shared about annual commissions, validation periods, and the percentages that made us all sit up and take notice – and why we, as an industry, need to be talking about this big issue. 

Panel 2: Emerging Markets Debate

Our next panel focussed on wider emerging markets and what trends brands could focus on in 2024 to gain momentum here. 

Our speakers in this panel included: Gemma Boore, Senior Associate from Harris Hagan, Alpha Affiliates CPO Irina Pisanko, Renz Gonzales, PropellerAds’ Head of Business Development and last but not least, Katy Stafford Head of Affiliates at Hit Gaming. 

Lee-Ann pointed out how it is clear that one market does not behave like another and how these differences make the industry so diverse and exciting to be in. Affiliate marketing has truly gone global and in this panel we listened to how Asia, Africa and South America are true contenders and why companies should dive in and make the most of these flourishing markets. 

Gemma Boore succinctly listed three things to keep in mind from a legal perspective: “I’d say I’d agree with understanding local customs and what’s used in that jurisdiction. Secondly, work out whether you need any licensing or certification in order to do business with the people you want to do business with. Thirdly, make sure that whoever is doing the groundwork on your ads gets the training for them. Making sure they are aware if they can use certain footballers in ads for sports betting, or other things that are relevant and will help you down the line.”

Key Takeaways From Day One

  • Payment processing needs to be vastly improved in our industry to enable better ROI.
  • Commercial pricing needs to be adjusted by program and industry as we start to use data efficiently moving beyond just securing SEO affiliates. 
  • NOW is the time to focus on hyper personalisation and cultural customisation for expanding into fast growing emerging markets like Asia and LATAM .

These key words were repeated multiple times during this event:

  1. Focus on doing your own affiliate due diligence
  2. Work transparently with partners
  3. Foster a testing and educational learning cycle to understand what works and what doesn’t work for your own program and partners. 


Tune in next week where we will review Day 2 of the AMPLIFY Summit panels and share the rest of the highlights and key discussion points experienced at this year’s event.

Listen to find out more about:

  • Raising capital and managing affiliates with modern financing is a challenge in the affiliate marketing industry.
  • Emerging markets like Asia, Africa, and South America offer opportunities for growth in affiliate marketing.
  • Future trends and the use of AI are important considerations for running successful affiliate programs.

Key segments of this podcast and where you can tune in to go direct: 

[04:08] Using clever data techniques to make better and more informed decisions.

[09:09] Wider emerging market trends. 

[15:00] Future forward trends you cannot miss.

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