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Meta launches new creator monetization incentives in order to tempt more affiliates

Instagram and Facebook’s umbrella company, Meta, is launching new creator monetization options, including more reels, payments, and NFTs, in an attempt to prompt more creators onto their platforms.

It seems Facebook, in particular, is taking steps to be a more well-rounded app. Facebook mostly keeps you in a bubble of your own friends and family, but following the news that Facebook is switching up its algorithm to match those of Instagram and TikTok, and attempting to persuade paid creators onto the site, it seems that family-friendly approach isn’t working for Facebook, which has been in the red for a while.

What’s on offer?

First, there is a Creator Marketplace on Instagram, where creators can get “discovered” by brands for partnership opportunities. You can list out your interests and content genres and wait for affiliate managers to find you.

There is also a Brand Collabs Manager on the table, offering Instagram-specific avenues to create more partnerships.

On Facebook, there is the Reels Play Bonus program, which will allow creators to monetize their reels on both apps. Plus, Facebook is looking to expand its Facebook Stars creator donation process so that creators can monetize their reels, live, and videos better on the platform.

And then there are the NFTs, which is Meta’s first move on digital collectibles, which you can display on your Instagram or Facebook profile.

That is just the start of Meta’s rollout of new creator monetization features. You can find details of each of these creator monetization incentives in the statement CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted on Facebook.

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