Growth Mindset

Kickstarting 2021 with a growth mindset

As an affiliate manager, you need to always be looking for ways to grow your program. You don’t want to get left behind as your competitors’ storm ahead and steal all of your traffic. However, if you don’t have the right mindset, you won’t get to where you need to be. This is where having a growth mindset comes in handy.

In 2021, we believe that affiliate managers need to change the way that they think about growth in their program in order to experience the success that they deserve.  

What is a growth mindset?

If you aren’t familiar with the concept of a ‘growth mindset’ then you might be wondering what we are talking about. Essentially, this kind of mindset is one that individuals who believe their talents can be developed have. So, they would typically grow personally or grow their business through new strategies, input from others and hard work.

In comparison, those without a growth mindset tend to believe that their talents are gifts that don’t require any extra work. This isn’t the right attitude to have, especially when you are an affiliate manager working in the iGaming industry which is constantly evolving. You won’t get ahead if you aren’t willing to learn from others!

How can affiliates managers change the way they think?

For many affiliate managers in iGaming, it is all about the numbers. Affiliate managers want to see traffic and rightly so. However, you can’t expect everything to come to you because if you don’t have the right set of affiliates doing their job correctly, your program won’t experience the growth that you desire. Growth isn’t just about revenue, it is also about building relationships and connecting with players and affiliates.

For this reason, we believe that affiliate managers should adopt a growth mindset in 2021 in order to improve their program for everyone involved. Start by communicating more effectively with affiliates – ask for feedback and put it into practice. They are out there driving traffic so what if they know something that you don’t?

Additionally, you must also be ready to learn from other experts in the industry. iGaming grows each year, and it can be difficult to stay on top of the latest regulations, tech innovations and everything else going on.

With a growth mindset, you can change the way that you think and open up the door to success. Learn from other affiliate managers, learn from industry experts and grow your program in collaboration with the key stakeholders. If you have a fixed mindset, you won’t be able to achieve this.

Kickstart 2021 with a bang

With a new year beginning tomorrow, you have the opportunity to start afresh with a brand-new mindset. Let 2021 be the year that you grow your affiliate program and get the new year off to the best possible start.

Each Wednesday at 10:00am throughout 2021, Lee-Ann Johnstone will be offering her wisdom on everything you need to know about affiliate marketing. She’ll help you grow your program and establish the perfect mindset so tune in to the next episode of Affiliate Drive Time!

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