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The Law of Attraction | Recruiting New Affiliates

Recruiting new affiliates can often seem a little daunting to begin with. As veterans in this field, we have put together a quick-read list of three key points to guide you through the recruitment process. This will ensure that you are seeking out those who not only generate sales, but also affiliates that align with your brand and business values to build long-term goals and sales that are consistent.

1. Define Who Is Your Ideal Affiliate?

The first step in attracting the best affiliates to your program is to clearly define your ideal affiliate partner.

  • Target Audience: Who is your target audience, and who can effectively reach and engage them? Identify affiliates with a similar audience segment to your own to maximise relevance.
  • Niche: What niche or industry does your business operate in? Seek affiliates with expertise and authority in that niche and also with complimentary traffic sources outside of the one’s you’re already targeting direct.
  • Content Type: Determine the type of content that aligns with your products or services. Are you looking for bloggers, YouTubers, social media influencers, or email marketers?
  • Values: Consider your brand values and ethics. Seek affiliates who share similar values to maintain brand consistency especially in the content tone and voice and quality metrics that are now becoming so important for brands to consider.
  • Geographic Location: Depending on your target market, you may want affiliates from specific geographic locations.

By defining your ideal affiliate, you can create a clear picture of the partners you’re looking for, making the recruitment process more targeted and effective versus having a mass marketing approach.

2. Develop an Attractive Affiliate Program Offer

To attract high-quality affiliates, you need to ensure that you are meeting the following criteria to onboard them and excite them about your program offer:

  • Competitive Commission Structure: A competitive commission rate is essential to attract top-tier affiliates. Check out industry standards, look towards your competitors and ask affiliates for feedback on how your program is positioned.
  • Performance Incentives: Consider offering performance-based incentives, such as bonuses for reaching specific sales targets or providing exclusive deals to top-performing affiliates. Often setting challenges can help to drive incremental sales uplift especially during peak periods.
  • High-Quality Marketing Materials: Provide affiliates with professionally designed marketing materials, including banners, product images, and pre-written content, to simplify their promotional efforts.
  • Tracking and Analytics: Use reliable affiliate tracking software to ensure accurate commission tracking and provide affiliates with access to real-time analytics so they can monitor their performance.
  • Affiliate Support: Offer dedicated support to your affiliates, including responsive communication channels, marketing tips, and technical assistance.


3. Build Strong Long- Term Relationships

Building and maintaining strong relationships with your affiliates is essential for long-term success. If you’re going to go through the effort of researching, recruiting and onboarding partners you’ll want to make sure they are going to remain for the long term and build your program alongside you as an extension of your own marketing team.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Regular Communication: Stay in touch with your affiliates through email newsletters, updates on new products or promotions, and check-ins to see how they’re doing.
  • Provide Regular points of Feedback: Offer constructive feedback on affiliates’ performance and suggest strategies for improvement, supply them with data and insight that helps them to achieve better results. If they win – you win!
  • Recognise Their Achievements: Celebrate the successes of your top-performing affiliates by featuring them on your website, social media, or in email campaigns. Just like yo’d reward a long standing employee in your business so should you consider the rewards that affiliates can receive for tenured service.
  • Incentivise Loyalty: Consider loyalty programs or tiered commission structures that reward long-term partnerships and consistent performance at regular intervals.
  • Resolve Issues Promptly: Address any issues or concerns raised by affiliates promptly and professionally to maintain a positive working relationship. Your customer service of partners can make or break your program success. Invest early to provide great experiences and build trust with partners at the start of your working relationships.

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