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Affiliate Marketing: Exploring the Dark Side of the Moon

In this episode of the Affiliate Marketing Podcast, Lee-Ann Johnstone is joined by Josh Sebo, COO of They discuss Josh’s background in the music industry and how he transitioned into affiliate marketing. The conversation also touches on the importance of branding and staying relevant in a competitive industry, the rise of pay-per-call marketing, and the need for advertisers to understand and reach their affiliates on various platforms.

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The future of Affiliate Marketing

Lee-Ann and Josh talk through how Josh landed in the industry and how Lee-Ann came to find him through the podcast he hosts. She asks, “How should brands stay relevant in such a competitive industry? Because the choice really is up to the affiliate right now in terms of where they send their customers. So what are you seeing across the industry and across all of these offers and all of these brands that plug into OfferVault about where the future of affiliate marketing is headed?”

Josh says, “I think there are some people that believe in branding and staying relevant, and there are some people that don’t. I don’t think one is right or one is wrong. I think if you’re going to be a long-term player in this space, it’s important to keep yourself visible and in front of people’s eyeballs. Now, is OfferVault the only place to do that? Of course not. We all know that, but we are the most well-known and the biggest, and I think the most trusted brand in the space. But in terms of the advertising front in general, I think it’s just so important to stay in front of the industry. Because mainly it’s an industry that has a lot of turnover. It has a lot of turnover with companies. It has a lot of turnover with affiliates. People come and go in this industry all the time. I don’t see any downside to keeping your brand in front of those new users as they come in.”

What’s the success ratio?

“In your opinion, what’s the kind of success ratio of all of these partners coming in? Because you’re right, you know, out of a thousand affiliates that come into OfferVault, maybe only a hundred actually start to become really top earners. What’s the kind of ratio that you’ve seen since you’ve been working there?” Lee-Ann asks.

Josh explains, “The affiliates that come to OfferVault, we actually don’t have much of a relationship with. We’re kind of a free open platform. So honestly, we don’t even require you to make an account. They can hop onto OfferVault, they don’t have to enter any information, find what they’re looking for, go to that network.

“So in terms of the affiliates that find success, I honestly cannot speak on that, because I honestly don’t know. But I could tell you, having been in the industry for coming up on 20 years, we’re doing something right? We’re helping people find the networks they want. I could answer the question from the other side though, how much success do advertising partners like networks and affiliate programs find with OfferVault?

“The honest answer is the same amount of success you’d find with any advertising website. It’s gonna work for some people, it’s not gonna work for everybody.”

Achieving a work/life balance 

Lee-Ann asks Josh to explain how he works to achieve a work/life balance in this industry and if there are any tips he can offer to busy affiliates listening in.

Josh says, “I really got into this kind of stuff over the past few years, like went really deep into Buddhism and mental health. It’s done a lot of good stuff for me. You know, going back to work/life balance, I think it depends on who you talk to. There’s no right or wrong.  Everybody’s on this planet for such a short period of time. If you want to work nonstop, that’s sweet. That’s one way to experience this journey. My co-host, Adam Young of Ringba, he loves to work. He loves to build. He loves to lead. And he’s amazing at it. That’s how he finds fulfillment. But that doesn’t mean that’s the only way to find fulfillment.

“I also think it depends on the person, like what’s important to you, right?”


Lee-Ann recently appeared as a special guest on The Affiliate Marketing Show, hosted by Josh. You can catch-up on the episode here.

Listen to find out more about:

  • The Rise of Pay-Per-Call Marketing in the Affiliate Industry
  • Reaching Affiliates on Various Platforms:
  • The Potential of AI in Affiliate Marketing


Key segments of this podcast and where you can tune in to go direct: 

[23:50] The success ratio 

[27:00] The importance of investing in affiliate managers

[34:30] Achieving work-life balance and finding fulfillment outside of work.


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