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Building Successful B2B Partnerships

On this week’s episode of the Affiliate Marketing Podcast, Lee-Ann is joined by Co-Founder and Director of BrandSwap, Ryan Kliszat. Building successful B2B partnerships is a hot topic right now and Ryan offers insight on how BrandSwap will make these partnership journeys easier…

Listen in here for all of the insights:

How does BrandSwap make partnerships easier?

Lee-Ann begins by mentioning how the topic of partnerships has been spoken about a lot in the last 18 months. Brand to brand partnerships are coming to the fore due to there being lots of crossover in terms of who the customer is, with some businesses.

Lee-Ann asks Ryan, “Tell us what BrandSwap is on a mission to do, because you spoke a little bit about trying to make partnerships easier, but explain exactly what BrandSwap does to make that happen?”

Ryan replies, “Sure, so BrandSwap is a plug and play brand partnerships platform which allows any advertiser or retailer to partner with one another and place rewards and advertisements on each other’s checkout. So, we call it checkout marketing and we’re building a marketplace for that to make it really, really easy for both sides of the value chain to work with each other.”

Listen up, Affiliate Managers!

For all of you affiliate managers tuning in, Ryan offers some key tips on the easiest way to explore these partnerships. 

He explains, “I think with the most successful partnerships, there tends to be a really good parity of brand values. Really understanding the partners have the same values as theirs. I’ll give you an example: What we often find is that all the B Corp people that have ethical or environmental products, you know, do not want to be seen as someone that has any issue of being seen as not B Corp. So, essentially their values are the same and that can happen on many different levels. I feel that parity is really, really strong.

The other thing, as well, is that if they are going to do brand to brand partnerships, there has to be a really clear value to the customer and a very strong incentive to the customer to participate. It can’t just be an offer that they see anywhere else, or they see on another publisher, or its business as usual. So I kind of feel like both sides of the partnership need to go a little bit further to give some extra value or reward to the customer. Otherwise, they’re slightly missing out on the value exchange.”

What skills do you need to create a successful B2B partnership?

Ryan explains, “I would say probably one of the most important ones is communication. Because I think you’ve got to talk, you know. We can create a platform which will make it easier for everybody and we’ll try and reduce all of that, but ultimately it does need to be communication between the different parts of it and you also need to build – account management and building trust as well.”


Listen to find out more about:

  • Affiliate Managers – Discover the easiest way to explore partnerships as part of your performance ecosystem.
  • E-commerce integrations that will make your job easier.
  • The excitement of this emerging category and advice on when is the right time for businesses to join.

 Key segments of this podcast and where you can tune in to go direct:

[8:00]: The two sides of: Host or Advertiser

[12:00]: Some of the ways that current advertisers are achieving success metrics

[19:30]: Does it matter what technical platforms clients are working on to get the brand partnerships going?


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