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The world’s leading partnership management platform,, has launched its Influencer and Creator Partner Management Platform. The new platform, named / Creator will allow for better cooperation from brands and influencers, allowing brands and creators to find each other, collaborate and grow on their respective platforms.

The idea is to bring creators and brands together on a single platform to find one other. A particular gripe of the industry is a brand’s inability to find creators that suit their needs. In a $100 billion market, that’s a problem, and it’s a problem shared by creators looking for brand collaborations.

The / creator platform is designed to make this process as seamless as possible. The platform is a one-stop space for discovering new partnerships, swapping contracts, managing, paying, and optimising the performance of these partnerships.

“We recognise that marketers require innovative technology to stay ahead of developments within the fast-paced creator economy, which is why we’ve created an industry-first creator partnerships management platform,” said David A. Yovanno, CEO at “Creators are a critical and expanding part of our industry, and with / creator, we are enabling clients not only to scale these partnerships, which is notoriously difficult but also to help establish longer-term relationships. But first, brands must know what’s working, and tracking and performance insights are where has been leading the market for some time.”

This could be a great asset for affiliate marketers to better meet and onboard new creators. To miss out on this one-stop space to better manage affiliates would be to miss out on a lot of opportunities, and to miss out on a place where affiliate managers can gain end-to-end management. The / creator platform will aid brands, agencies, creators, and talent managers from one platform.

Becca Bahrke, CEO of Illuminate Social, a creator management and brand partnerships company said: “I’m thrilled to see the negotiation options from creator fee to usage, as this is the most important part of my job as a manager and bringing fruitful partnerships to our roster of creators. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ package, and while that would be easier if every creator agreed to the same terms and rates, it’s not realistic.”

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