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Exploring Vietnam: Affiliate Marketing in Asia

Our guests on this episode of the Affiliate Marketing Podcast give you a two-for-one deal! Lee-Ann is joined by Sergey Yarovoy and Yana Ivanova from Exness Affiliates. Their unique insight will take us around the world to Vietnam, where an ignored market is emerging.

Listen in here to find out what tips Sergey and Yana have for infiltrating this eastern market.

The Man in the Chair or the Feet on the Ground: Does it Matter?

What is a team of locals and a team “in the chair” without collaboration? If there is no talking between the two, the point is lost, as Sergey points out:

“If you ask me, actually, I would say that of course, it’s important to have somebody on the ground, locally, but for me, it’s more important to have a proper collaboration between the teams inside the department or the company, because it’s really hard to manage all the aspects of the business development under one management team.”

“So, it’s very important to collaborate because, in essence, we have commercial teams in different countries, but they’re not a part of the affiliates and they’re not a part of the marketing department. They’re just a local commercial team who knows the local specifics.”

Speaking the language of North vs South Vietnam

Much like we say you should tailor your content to your demographic, and even your content to the platform it’s appearing on, Yana suggests that even market regions have their own demographic specifics and that you should tailor to them.

Yana said: “During our CPA meetup, we had a very nice and interesting conversation and discussion panel about the specifics of the Vietnamese market. We were discussing the differences between the north and south of Vietnam, because it’s very different.”

“The audience is very different. For example, in the northern region, they’re more politically, and economically mature, and northerners are more concerned about status and wealth. The South people, for example, consider themselves the more dynamic and tolerant and easygoing people, let’s say, and they tend to follow influencers and bloggers and they’re more liberal with their money. This could be very good to be taken into consideration while you’re doing new business in Vietnam, for example. You need to target the relevant audience and speak with them in their own language.”

Strengthening the Vietnam market with variation

It seems affiliate marketing and Exness is helping to diversify the Vietnam market by simply making more options available.

Sergey said: “So it’s not like a purchase which is fixed. When, let’s say you buy something from a supermarket for $10. Here, we have a big lifetime value. At Exness we even try to extend this lifetime value up to two years, which is the absolute maximum in this industry. But it’s huge because in this timeframe you can get 10, 20 times bigger.”

Yana added: “And we see the strength also because each year we have more and more big players on the market. For example, in the past few years, we had only one monopoly, CTS, on the Vietnamese market, but now we have a huge and strong network and platforms like Meta Work, Access Trade and many more.”

“So, the popularity of social media and influencer marketing gives them the ability to grow very fast, take the market share and provide good services to any kind of affiliate marketers: the newbies and the mature ones.“

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Listen to find out more about:

  •         The importance of businesses resourcing their affiliate teams
  •         Integrating people from different departments and markets into a cohesive team

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[05:00] – Highlights of hosting the Exness event

[15:00] – The expansion of the Vietnam market

[25:00] – The market differences between North and South Vietnam

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