4 key takeaways to maximise attendance at industry conferences, powered by the ZuluTrade affiliate marketing team

The ZuluTrade affiliate team exhibited at two industry-leading affiliate events in emerging markets, Brazil and Thailand, last month.

We caught up with Head of Affiliates at Zulutrade, Theodosis Lapatas to talk about what his team learned from attending these key industry events and how they leveraged their attendance to drive program growth and scale:

  1. You must make your product local. Ask the right questions to get the right answers when attending new events.

One of the key highlights from the team who spoke with visitors attending our booth at the first event – SiGMA Americas, was the exclusive custom deals that affiliates were requesting and being offered. Our team really left no stone unturned in understanding this market by leveraging in-person conversations with publishers attending this event and who are local to the market. We have since dedicated a separate budget to securing personalised deals, ensuring that our affiliates received unparalleled benefits from partnering with ZuluTrade.

“It is important to present your program and your brand at a local level. We stood out because we tailored our booth space to attract the right audience. For my team, attending these shows is about brand awareness and lead generation, not just networking”, said Lapatas.

  1. Build engagement – make your stand a fun place to be and new partners will flock to it!

When you walk about a bit in the expo hall, sometimes affiliates can be dazed by the sound and sights and if they’re introverts, they can shy away from making contact and stopping to talk.

Every country has different cultures.

Be aware of these and think of ways to embrace that. One of the successful activities we did was host a fantastic live raffle competition within our space that left partners feeling thrilled, and one lucky winner walking away with exciting rewards, such as a Marshal speaker.

This initiative not only engaged parsers by – but also highlighted our commitment to creating memorable experiences and conversation starters which is the beginning of new partnerships for our business.

  1. Get creative with PR opportunities at all the events you attend and maximise brand exposure off booth.

Our presence at the expo provided a perfect opportunity for content creators and the expo’s local representatives to film sessions and interview our team, enabling them to share our experience at the expo on social media and engage with their audience like never before.

We elevated our brand presence and received post-event enquiries as a result of this. The stand was busy, but our leads didn’t stop at the event itself.

Use your team to leverage your performance and spread your attendance at events further before as well. You may not make the perfect connection on the day ­– but you can leverage your presence at the events after, too!

  1. Enter industry awards and leverage the PR to bring in new partnerships.

ZuluTrade’s team also participated in a prestigious IFX expo event which hosts its own industry awards and this year the team reached the pinnacle achievement of winning the “Best Social Trading Solution—APAC” at the expo. This recognition is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team but also helped to leverage our program as a destination spot of choice to visit on the expo floor.

“Entering awards is part of your program marketing strategy and whilst it takes a lot of effort it can also help leverage your appearance in new market events like the one we attended in Thailand recently”, says Lapatas.

We are immensely grateful to everyone who voted for us and supported our journey. Winning this award reinforces our position as a leading social trading solution provider in the Asia-Pacific region and an affiliate program that partners can trust!

It motivates us to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation and delivering exceptional services to our clients and partner affiliates not just at events but after them, too!

In conclusion:

Apart from the learnings we’ve had in leveraging international exhibitions to help grow our program, there are two simple takeaways we learned alongside:

  1. There has been an uptrend and great demand in the investing world over the last few years, which is still growing. Affiliates can now easily enter the fintech Industry niche with ZuluTrade as their gateway. Especially in emerging markets, affiliates want to be part of this new fintech revolution, paving the way for a prosperous future as this industry dynamically evolves.


  1. Affiliates have less and less time to learn how to invest on their own. That’s why copy trading is so popular. Many partners we spoke to were interested in understanding how copy and social trading, simplifies the trading process for Investors and Leaders. It also gives them access to trade the financial markets with ease, making it an attractive platform for our partners to boost their earning potential and promote to a wide audience. One of the first metrics affiliates study when considering to enter a niche market, is the size, and the addressable market size for solutions and technology is vast.

“The most important theme we saw from partners in this region is that they want brands they work with to understand that their customers need variety and choice. When you respect that, you respect them and that’s the foundation of how great relationships get started”, mentioned Lapatas.

Zulutrade is regulated within the EU, South Africa, Mauritius, and Japan. Furthermore, we support integrations with only licensed brokers on our platform, allowing no space for questioning our intentions from third parties.

If you haven’t joined the ZuluTrade affiliate program yet, do it now!

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