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Meta expands generative AI ad tools, stepping back from VR

It turns out Meta is taking a step back from the Metaverse, citing that the technology simply isn’t there. We’re more likely to believe that the interest in the concept is waning, perhaps due to the hype around AI and ChatGPT.

Why do we say that? Because it looks like Meta is creating its own generative AI ad creation options on the platform. They are due to be released in the latter half of this year and should provide marketers with tools to post customized promotions for different audiences across the platform.

Meta’s Chief Technology Officer Andrew Bosworth revealed to Nikkei Asia in an interview, “I expect we’ll start seeing some [generative AI ads] this year. We just created a new team, the generative AI team, a couple of months ago; they are very busy.”

As explained by Meta: “When you create an ad with standard enhancements, you can add a single image or video and a variety of text options. We’ll automatically create variations of your ad with different text combinations, media enhancements and compositional changes. We’ll show each person the variation they’re more likely to respond to.”

There is also talk of a video analysis system coming, due to the fact that Meta has filed a patent for a tool to predict the virality of video clips.

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