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Mental health and remote working: a guide for Affiliate Managers

Over the past few years, we’ve seen the concept of remote working become incredibly popular. At first, it was made necessary by pandemic lockdowns, but since restrictions have been lifted many continue to work from home or follow a hybrid working policy.

As an affiliate manager, you have likely worked from home at some point and may continue to do so today. However, while remote working offers us greater flexibility and convenience, it does come with some caveats. As many have found, the increased isolation can negatively impact their mental well-being. We’ve put together a guide to help affiliate managers keep their mental health in check while working remotely. Read on to check it out.

Create a workspace

Working from home for the first time can be an exciting and novel feeling. Many of us likely spent the first day in our pyjamas, before scrambling to get changed when we realised we had to attend a video meeting.

Working from your sofa, or even your bed, can seem like a dream come true, but, as many of us quickly realised, it can get old fast.

What happens is that the boundary between our professional life and our personal life erodes. There is no longer a distinction between ‘normal you’ and ‘work you’. This can lead to feelings of mental exhaustion and even burnout if left unchecked.

One of the most effective ways to prevent this from happening is by creating a dedicated workspace. Ideally, this should be in an office or spare room, but if space is an issue a desk in a quiet corner somewhere can work just as well.

In doing this, you will have a set space where you can enter ‘work mode’. This creates a distinction between your work and the rest of your home and will establish a clear and defined boundary.

Stick to a routine

Procrastination affects us all, even the busiest affiliate managers. It can run rampant when working from home, there are so many distractions available to tempt us. It can be all too easy to put off a morning’s work until later, only to find yourself having to work late into the evening to catch up.

Affiliate managers often deal with clients from all over the world and from various time zones. This can make communication difficult, and when you are working remotely it can be tempting to answer that 11 p.m. email, given that your work computer rarely leaves your sight.

However, just because you are working remotely, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stick to your regular working hours. By adhering to a set routine with defined start and finish times, you will maintain a sense of regularity, structure, and normality that will make it far easier to cope with the pressures of working from home.

Turn your work computer off at the end of your day and, barring any unforeseen emergencies, don’t turn it back on until you begin work again the following morning.

Take regular breaks 

As an affiliate manager, you’ll know what it means to be busy. As your workload piles up, it can feel like there’s no end in sight.

When we’re working in the office, breaks come naturally. You’ll go out to get your lunch or take a quick 15 in the afternoon to grab a coffee.

When we’re working from home, we’ve got everything we need within reach. This means we can often forget to take proper breaks, which can be extremely detrimental to our mental health and leave us feeling overwhelmed.

Set yourself regular break times and ensure you stick to them. Don’t just spend your break at your desk either, sit in another room or, better yet, go outside for a walk and get some fresh air.

Look after your physical health

This last point can apply to everyone, whether you’re working from home or not. Looking after your physical health is essential, with physical fitness closely related to mental well-being.

You should strive to exercise every day. This could be a morning jog or a trip to the gym after work is finished. A fit body makes for a fit mind, the stronger you are physically the better you’ll perform at work.

Pay attention to your diet too. When we’re working remotely, it can be easy to opt for a quick microwave meal in between meetings with new affiliates. However, junk food isn’t going to give your body and mind what they need to perform to their best. Eating a balanced, healthy diet is essential, eat plenty of fruit and veg and avoid too much sugar and saturated fats.


While many of us have at least partially returned to the office, the remote working trend looks set to continue for some time. Working from home can be incredibly convenient, but it has given rise to new issues and can be detrimental to our mental and emotional health.

If you’re an affiliate manager working remotely, use the advice we’ve outlined in the guide above to keep your mental and emotional health in check.

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