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Why you should consider podcasts when training up affiliates

Affiliate managers should always be looking for new training methods they can use to pass on wisdom to their affiliates. With the world of affiliate marketing constantly shifting and changing to match online trends, there is always something new on offer. This is why creating a podcast is a great option, and should be something you look into as part of training up affiliates and introducing them to your program.

A popular format

At the moment, podcasts are incredibly popular. Their flexible format means that people can tune in to whatever they feel like, whenever they want it. In the UK alone, there is thought to be approximately 15.6 million podcast listeners.

Since they are so popular, it is easy for you to find a platform to host your own podcast on if you decide to make one for your affiliate program. Spotify is one of the main platforms, and is accessible to many, but there is a plethora of others that could work for you too. This is an engaging way to create content for training up affiliates and it could be one that they are very happy to see.

Easily digestible

Podcasts are easy to tune into, and since they are audio only many people like to have them on in the background while going about their daily business. In the UK, 44% of podcast listeners tune in while driving or travelling, as it is something easy to have on in the background.

This is great news for you when training up affiliates. You can pass on your wisdom and best tips in a format that is easily digestible and suitable for all. Your affiliates can tune in and out as they please – whether they are on the go or at home – and it gives them the opportunity to take control of their training. With a big enough back-log in place, they can jump in at the beginning, or simply choose the episodes that interest them the most.

Can help with brand recognition

Making your own podcast is also a great way to stand out to your affiliates. Yours is not going to be the only program that they engage with. They might have already had to go through several versions of what other affiliate managers think is the ideal method for training up affiliates, and it can cause everything to blur into one.

Having a podcast can help you stand out from these competitors and create a training platform that is unique and interesting. You need to think of ways that you can boost your own program and make it the best it can be while also handing out the latest tips and advice to support affiliates. A podcast can be the ideal way to do so.

Here at Affiverse, we have our own podcast where our CEO Lee-Ann Johnstone discusses important topics with industry experts. Tune in to our latest episode here, and get thinking about the topic you could use for the first episode of your affiliate brand’s podcast!

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