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Groundbreaking ELEVATE Summit Confirmed for London 16-17 September

ELEVATE Summit – Where Lead Generation and Affiliate Marketing collide, launches as an in-person conference for the first time, in London 16-17 September.

Affiverse is proud to announce the launch of its ELEVATE Summit which will be held for the first time as an in-person conference in partnership with Lead Generation World and Maverrik.io in London on the 16-17 September. 

A Bold Step Forward

The event promises to be a pivotal moment for affiliates, lead generators, advertisers, networks, agencies and B2B SaaS partners alike, offering unparalleled opportunities to understand exactly where the future of lead generation and affiliate marketing will collide. 

The conference agenda will focus on key growth areas that will help businesses to elevate their online sales, improve their affiliate performance and understand what changes are taking place to get ahead of planning their marketing and sales strategies for 2025. 

As digital marketing continues to shift and evolve, it has become increasingly clear that collaboration and innovation are key to staying ahead of the curve. The ELEVATE Summit represents a bold step forward, bringing together lead generation, social selling and performance marketing practices under one event enabling delegates to learn how to grow their businesses through thought leadership, training and strategic SHOW AND TELL sessions spread over a two-day intensive summit event unlike any other.

Michael Ferree, founder of Lead Generation World, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaborative effort, stating, The ELEVATE Summit marks a significant milestone in the evolution of the performance marketing industry. By joining forces with Affiverse we are creating a platform for affiliates, lead generators, brands, and industry leaders to come together, share insights, and chart the course for the future of our industry.

Echoing Ferree’s sentiments, Lee-Ann Johnstone, founder of Affiverse, emphasised the importance of the event’s location in London, stating, London has long been a hub for innovation and creativity in the performance marketing world. By hosting the ELEVATE Summit here together, we are tapping into this vibrant ecosystem to foster collaboration and drive meaningful change within the affiliate industry bringing together first party data insights and changes we’ll be facing with cookie depreciation in future to the front of our conversations and training programs for affiliate managers to get in front of.”

Why Attend ELEVATE? 

Attendees can expect a dynamic lineup of industry leading thought leaders as speakers, TedTalk style keynotes, diverse panel discussions and in-depth masterclass workshops covering a wide range of topics from leveraging lead generation strategies, understanding SEO tactics and affiliate marketing best practices as we look to explore where lead generation and performance will collide in 2025. 

From thought-provoking content and hands-on intensive tech demonstrations as well as relationship matchmaking events, the ELEVATE Summit promises to provide attendees with real leads, actionable insights and practical tools to enhance their online performance and drive increased sales.

Whether you’re an affiliate looking to expand your advertiser partnerships, a brand seeking innovative marketing strategies or tech solutions, an agency looking for new business or a B2B SaaS partner wanting to showcase your tech stack or simply need to learn how to compete in a changing digital marketplace, the ELEVATE Summit offers something for everyone.

We are thrilled to partner with Affiverse and Lead Generation World to bring the ELEVATE Summit to life,” said Maverrik.io founder Dean Seddon who is joining this venture to help teach brands how they can tactically use social media to increase organic sales in 2025. This event represents a unique opportunity for companies looking to expand their online marketing presence to leverage lead generation, affiliates, agencies, and tools to grow their business, as well as take time out to learn new skills from people who are thought leaders in their field as well as drive innovative new marketing strategies for their business.” 

We look forward to welcoming attendees to Park Plaza Westminster Bridge, London this September for what promises to be an unforgettable event.


Early Bird registration for the ELEVATE Summit is now open, with a Full Two Day Conference pass priced at £149 – when purchased before the 31st May.  Thereafter the tickets will increase to £249 per person for this two-day exclusive event! 

Tickets to this two-day conference at Park Plaza Westminster Bridge, include: 

  • Full two-day conference and keynote speaker line-up (Learning from the best in the industry) 
  • Access to specific Masterclasses helping you level up your performance and skills development
  • Lunch and Refreshments FREE on both days
  • Networking and Exhibitor Area
  • Match making meetups
  • A Social Networking party


Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this groundbreaking ELEVATE summit and take your performance and lead generation marketing efforts to new heights. 

Secure your ticket and learn with industry veterans what’s new and trending in the Affiliate and Lead Generation worlds – today by clicking here.


About Affiverse:

Since 2019, Affiverse has been providing insight, content, training and events designed to help affiliates and affiliate marketing professionals across all industries perform their roles with excellence and integrity. We create long-lasting valuable connections for our community and agency clients too! Experts in affiliate marketing; we’ve been immersed in the sector for more than two decades and focused on keeping you up to speed with the latest news, industry best practices and digital marketing trends within the performance marketing industry. Whether you are an Affiliate / Publisher, Operator / Advertiser / Agency or SaaS Technology supplier, we can help you increase sales and connect to the people you want to do business with! 

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About Lead Generation World:

Lead Generation World (LGW) is the home for lead generators, performance marketers, and the service providers that support their efforts. LGW brings together the brightest minds in the industry and those that want to improve their lead generation campaigns from creation to close. LGW’s primary focus is to help Advertisers and Lead Buyers successfully navigate the lead generation ecosystem by providing highly targeted and insightful content alongside exclusive networking opportunities with companies that can support their efforts.


About Maverrik.io:

MAVERRIK is on a mission to help business owners, sellers and marketers to master social selling and thrive in the digital era. With various options available, from courses to 1:1 coaching to managed services, MAVERRIK offers a range of innovative solutions. MAVERRIK’s dedicated team ensures clients are equipped to achieve their goals, whether these surround business development, adapting to new technologies or revenue growth.

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