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The Athletic has partnered with BetMGM

The Athletic, an online sporting platform where individuals can subscribe for premium sports content, has partnered with the exclusive betting sportsbook BetMGM.

Why collab?

This isn’t BetMGM’s first collaboration as they have been continuing their media partnership campaign for some time. Partnering with The Athletic is the next step in widening their betting partnership platform. The collab was announced on 28th January as a press release from both companies.

Evan Parker, The Athletic’s General Manager of Content Operations, noted that “BetMGM has pioneered the online gaming industry as we sought to establish The Athletic as a home for great betting content, as we knew there would be no better partner”.

The Athletic want to make it their mission to provide a fantastic arena for subscribers around the world to experience the top betting content on the web. Even Parker also mentioned that “as we collaborate on this new venture, we share a joint vision for how to seamlessly blend media, analysis and betting into unique, premium experiences for The Athletic subscribers”.

What does the collab mean?

As well as the partnership enhancing the content for The Athletic’s website, the collaboration also hopes to drive more readers to engage with The Athletic’s content. This is because the platform has an already very engaged and loyal following. Top officers at BetMGM believe that the parentship provides that bit extra for The Athletic’s premium members.

BetMGM is depending on their media partnership campaign for business growth. It should hopefully act as a useful marketing tool for their betting lines.

For affiliates, this collaboration is certainly one to watch for 2021 and beyond. BetMGM show no signs of stopping their media partnership campaign anytime soon.

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