Affiliate Soapbox – iGaming and Sports Betting Trends

We asked, you listened! At Affiverse, we wanted to hear your thoughts on what’s changing in iGaming and Affiliate Marketing this year. You sent us your answers and we loved hearing what you had to say! Don’t forget to answer the questions we have in store for you in February in our Affiliate Soapbox.

This month, we are featuring Marke Rӓsӓnen from VIPs Casino. Marke had some great answers that we wanted to share with you all. Hear what she had to say below!

Affiverse: How will responsible gambling regulations change the way that affiliates and operators can promote their brand?

Marke Rӓnen: “It will be more challenging to promote offers should we move more towards the Swedish style model where bonuses are very restricted. It is also interesting to see how implementing 1€ max bets and delays between spin rounds will affect the player experience and if this is something that will also affect the satisfaction of players who are playing with healthy habits.

I am hoping that regulators start working closer together with licensed operators to ensure that gaming stays fun and that we won’t see the majority of the players escaping to the unlicensed casinos as this will harm all parties who are trying to create a more sustainable, but still fun, environment in regulated markets.”

AI: Which social platforms do you think will be most important for affiliates in the iGaming industry in 2021?

MR: “I think we will continue to see growth in the faster pace platforms emerging, like TikTok as user average age there is as well on the rise. It is a new style of content that affiliates need to master but there is definitely lots of talent and opportunities if you are doing things right.

Still, I think that Twitch is not going anywhere and that Instagram stories can be used in a more creative way when promoting gaming. We have seen lots of inspiring content creators here, so I am eager to see where we go in 2021.”

AI: Do you think any new markets will experience growth in 2021?

MR: “I am very interested to see how LatAm starts forming when more governments are closing to an agreement on how to deal with online gambling. There is a large potential definitely, so I think if we are able to provide a great experience with proper localisation. And of course, Japan, that is a very interesting market to follow.”

AI: How will new / smaller affiliate brands compete with industry leaders to promote their product?

MR: “I think like it is for everyone who is new or working with a smaller budget – you need to innovate. Social media platforms are great reaching potential customers like never before, but you need to stand out. New businesses need to do their research to find new ways to entertain and if this work is done spot on it will surely find its audience with the right marketing palette.”

AI: How will affiliates and brands build relationships in 2021 with networking events still limited?

MR: “I am a strong believer in personalised communication. We all know how it feels to get a template message with you in bcc and this definitely doesn’t build trust or interest in the products, regardless of what it is. I think, in these times, LinkedIn is a great tool where you can get to know someone a bit better through mutual connections and then move to Skype, Telegram or other preferred messaging platforms.

“It’s always a tough job for new companies but it can still be done. And hopefully towards end of this year we are able to meet with all these new connections face to face in the industry events with a GT in our hand.”

If you want to have your voice heard for our Affiliate Soapbox in February, make sure to stay tuned to hear what our next big topic is!

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