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What are the benefits of the Wargaming video gaming affiliate program?

The success of programs like the Wargaming Affiliate Program demonstrates the benefits of direct collaboration between advertisers and affiliates to capitalise on high engagement, wide audience reach and passionate community to achieve their promotional goals.

Why do video gaming affiliate programs gain popularity?

Based on the current trends, it’s obvious that video gaming is becoming more and more popular across the globe. People are looking for entertainment, relations, and information – online. With billions of dollars being spent on games and related products annually, as a savvy marketer, you can capitalise on this trend by joining gaming affiliate programs that offer lucrative opportunities. The gaming vertical could provide all that.

That makes the video gaming vertical profitable for the affiliate marketers as it has one of the highest CR (conversion rate), standing in one line with eCommerce, Dating, Fashion, and Gambling.

How is the in-house Wargaming Affiliate Program launch beneficial?

The Wargaming Affiliate Program is from the Wargaming company – an online game developer. The winner of various nominations, and a leader in the free-to-play MMO games market, this could be a good example of the in-house program that allows the affiliate marketers to earn quite significant income.

This form of partnership empowers you to gain revenue from promoting the Wargaming product – World of Warships, MMO video game, on CPA/CPP (or mixed) payment models (for a user registration in desktop game or an active player). It has built up a strong partnership network through collaborations with the main affiliate players in the market.

The affiliates choose the offer and monetisation starts as soon as the sources post the link and creatives. It requires a minimum amount of effort — the more players who register in the game via your link, the more you’ll earn!

Even though the game plans to celebrate its 8th anniversary, it continues to set new records and increases its audience every month with publishers that drive conversions.

The partners find it lucrative to be the affiliate of the program and keep ongoing advertising campaigns due to benefits such as:

  • Top payouts on the market for bringing new players globally.
  • Fast campaign launch (no paperflow) and easy set-up.
  • Access to static and custom banners, videos, articles, and other promotional materials.
  • A wide range of offers from World of Warships with various landing pages with high CR.
  • Private account and transparent online campaign reports.
  • Stable monthly payments (PayPal, Wire Transfer, ACH, and WebMoney).
  • Exclusive codes will keep audiences gripped with an offer publisher to keep traffic, volumes and sales going up for the partnership to continue.

What advertising sources extend to gaming niche and become a Wargaming affiliate?

The affiliate program strategy revealed that by integrating a diverse ad format, the publishers offer ensures high performance for the gaming promotion.

It is worth mentioning one more significant market tendency: more advertising traffic sources become adaptive to the market and use WOWs gaming offer to earn a decent reward for acquiring users to the popular desktop video game: gaming, software, entertainment, coupon sources, Influencer channels (YouTube/Twitch) or blogs, pop-ups, native, and push ads, applications, browsers, media buyers, etc.

Good potential in the gaming vertical, and in the WOWs offer, belongs to the incentivised sources. That is the traffic generated by users who receive different types of rewards such as: virtual currency, cash, discount, gift, coupon on the partners` sites after completing the event/s in World of Warships PC. In this case, the site owners monetise their traffic and return the users to their site after players` events completion. It’s a win-win strategy.

What if I don’t have a website?

Partners can easily earn with minimum effort by joining the referral program, bringing the connections, and receive 3% of commission for the approved traffic.

How can I join the Wargaming affiliate program?

You can easily join the program to promote World of Warships by filling out the application


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