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6 of the best video gaming affiliate programs

The video gaming industry is absolutely enormous, with an estimated global market value of $197 billion as of this year. There are innumerable jobs within the industry, including designers, artists, programmers, and writers, with more and more careers becoming available as the industry grows.

In days gone by, video games were played solo or with other people in the same room. Today, however, games are played largely online, with gamers taking part and interacting in large online communities. This shift to online has presented a unique opportunity for affiliate marketers, they have access to a demographic that spends a lot of time on the internet and uses online platforms to inform them about the latest news and products in the industry. Let’s take a look at six of the best video gaming affiliate programs available today. Keep reading to find out more.


GameStop is a US-based video game, gaming merchandise, and electronics retailer, and is currently the largest video game retailer on the planet. It offers both new and used video games, with customers able to trade in their games for store credit and gift cards.

GameStop has a competitive affiliate program available with up to 1% commission for digital games and up to 5% commission for used games. The cookie window is 24 hours, which means that affiliates have a full day after a link has been clicked to earn commission on a sale.

GameStop is an attractive choice for affiliate marketers. Not only does it offer competitive rates, but it is a household name with established brand trust and reputation.


Founded in 1975, Microsoft is a multinational technology company that produces an enormous range of products and services. The company’s flagship video games console, the Xbox, is one of the most popular on the market.

Affiliates can join Microsoft’s affiliate program and enjoy a commission rate of up to 7% per sale, promoting products including consoles, games, accessories, and subscription-based services like the Xbox Game Pass. The Xbox Game Pass service also offers a fixed payout per generated lead, at $1.30 for the PC version and $1.50 for the Ultimate version.

The cookie duration for the Microsoft affiliate program is an impressive 14 days, giving you plenty of time to earn commission on a sale.


French game development studio Ubisoft Entertainment SA, often just shortened to Ubisoft, is one of the industry’s biggest developers, with popular video game franchises including Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, and Watch Dogs.

Affiliates who promote Ubisoft games can earn up to 3% commission per sale, with an extremely generous 30-day cookie period.


When you think of video gaming companies, perhaps the e-commerce giant Amazon isn’t the first that comes to mind. In fact, Amazon is one of the world’s largest video game retailers, with an enormous selection of titles available, as well as video gaming accessories and merchandise.

Amazon’s affiliate program, Amazon Associates, is one of the biggest in the industry. Affiliates can join the program and specify a specific niche to target, be it clothes, books, or, in this case, video games. The program offers a generous commission rate of up to 20% per sale. However, this is offset by a less competitive cookie period of 24 hours.

Amazon can be a fantastic option for newcomers looking to get started in affiliate marketing. It is a globally recognized brand with a program that is easy to use and free to sign up for. However, Amazon Associates does stipulate that affiliates must generate at least three sales within the first 180 days of joining.

Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming is a video game e-commerce merchant with a massive catalog of titles.

The company’s affiliate program offers a commission rate of between 2% and 5% per sale, with referral fees calculated and paid out every three months. Affiliates are paired with a dedicated account manager and have the opportunity to increase their commission rates through good performance.

Epic Games

The aptly named Epic Games is behind the Fortnite video game, one of the biggest gaming phenomena seen in recent times. It is a global brand with enormous industry gravitas and represents an attractive choice for affiliate marketers.

The Epic Games affiliate program offers a 5% base commission on sales with a 30-day cookie period. However, to be accepted into the program you must have over 1,000 followers on one or more of the major social media platforms, including YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitch.


The video gaming industry looks set to continue growing. With more technological developments in the pipeline, such as virtual reality and augmented reality, the scope and scale of the products on offer will only increase. It is a fantastic industry for affiliates to break into, with a wide range of programs available.

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