Affiliate Drive Time Week 50: achieving more affiliate sign-ups

It’s a new year, meaning you’ll be getting new affiliate sales targets. So, it’s right about now that you’ll start thinking about how you can attract more to your program. You’ll no doubt be looking at some of the upcoming industry events, and racking your brain on how to deliver new revenue and meet your 2020 targets.

All of us are focused on finding new partners to work with and coming up with ideas on how to bring new affiliates to your program doesn’t have to be a chore. This week in #AffiliateDriveTime, Lee-Ann discusses the three key steps you can use to help optimise your affiliate site. By doing this, you’ll help affiliates find exactly what they need and expedite their registration onto your program.

Relevant content

It’s not uncommon for operators to not invest enough time or effort in pimping up their affiliate site. But since they no doubt do this with their player site, this doesn’t make much sense. Often, there’s just a link to the word ‘Affiliates’ on the bottom of their homepage. Then, those who click are sent directly to the registration page.

The problem here is that you expect affiliates to join your program despite not giving any insight into who you are, what you offer or why they should promote you. They need to have a reason to learn more about your services. If you want to convert affiliates first time, invest more time and effort in curating the affiliate on-boarding experience and giving them the information they need.

Easy navigation – both before and after the affiliate signs up 

When you create your affiliate site, make sure you start with the affiliate on-boarding journey in mind.  There’s nothing worse than having to click around a website for ages before finally getting the information you want and need. Map the user experience (UX) of your affiliate website the same way you would with a player journey. Then, you’ll be able to sign more up than you previously could.

Think about the key things affiliates will want to know. Highlight the small print, the things that really set your program, your product and services apart. As with the above, you’ll win more affiliates over because they can trust you better. 

Quick downloads

When an affiliate chooses to join a new program, there’s a lot of information they need to digest. So it helps to think about how you’ll make it easier for them to cope with this. Maybe you’ve got a great PDF which is sent in the welcome email, or perhaps you want to create a life cycle strategy that keeps constant drip-fed content being sent to them after they’ve joined. This could include keeping them up-to-date with the latest information, along with providing how-to tips so they can get promoting and earning quicker.

Putting some thought into how affiliates can gain access to your key selling points will go a long way in helping them to get started with driving new players to your site, thus delivering on your targets.

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