Credit card ban coming to UK gambling

The Gambling Commission has confirmed that credit card gambling will soon be banned in the UK.

This confirms news that was suggested in recent days, with the Sunday Times and Observer both reporting this news. But while they said the commission would recommend it, the ban will actually come into full force.

When will credit card gambling be banned?

From 14th April 2020, players will no longer be allowed to wager via their credit card. Moreover, operators will be prohibited from offering this as a payment method.

The only exception to this rule is the purchase of lottery tickets, from brands that support good causes. These tickets can still be bought using this type of card from newsagents and supermarkets. However, they must be accompanied with other items.

Problem gambling in the UK

The ban follows a review of the current UK industry’s landscape, from both the commissions and government. It was revealed in an article on BBC News that 22% of credit card gamblers are also considered problem gamblers.

Neil McArthur, Chief Executive of the Gambling Commission, said the following.

“Credit card gambling can lead to significant financial harm. The ban that we have announced today should minimise the risks of harm to consumers from gambling with money they do not have.”

McArthur also mentioned that some individuals have “accumulated tens of thousands of pounds of debt” through gambling via these means. It was also mentioned that credit card fees can lead to some chasing their losses further.

Culture Minister Helen Whatley also spoke after this news was announced. She said: “Whilst millions gamble responsibly, I have also met people whose lives have been turned upside down by gambling addiction.

“There is clear evidence of harm from consumers betting with money they do not have, so it is absolutely right that we act decisively to protect them.”

Along with the credit card ban, licensed UK operators will also have to join the GamStop self-exclusion scheme from March 31st.

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