Affiliate Drive Time – Are you future pacing your affiliate partner growth?

This week we wanted to share some thoughts around making sure your affiliate program has a shopfront that actively sells why affiliates should be working with you and joining your program.

If you aren’t showing off what your program has to offer, you won’t be future pacing your business. This week’s drive time talks in depth about this point and how future pacing your affiliate program is important for partner onboarding.

As an affiliate manager, you should be thinking about your affiliate shop front and optimising it just as you would to convert a player. Building affinity, gamification and loyalty around your affiliate program brand can help you increase your channel performance.

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Are you showing off your value?

Too often, we see programs simply linking to registration pages for affiliates to sign up with little or no value being placed on why affiliates should join the program in the first place.

Telling them about their commission earnings is always the core focus. The truth is that affiliates want to know more about your business prior to signing up – the days of being interested in who can pay the most are no longer the core call to action that affiliates or partners look at.

Your partners want to know who you are as a business and why they should work with you – prior to filling out an application form to join your program.

What to put on your shop front

So, what are you putting on your shop front to future pace their relationship and give them a sense of what they can expect when they join your program?

Are you:

  • Adding affiliate testimonials of partners that are actively working with your team
  • Showing proof of performance (what’s possible if they do consider working with you)
  • Showing your brand and team work ethics (making a human personal connections)
  • Detailing where partners can connect with you online
  • Detailing support and FAQ to answer common questions you know they will ask
  • Showcasing your products and services so they can understand exactly what your clients need and want

Each of these elements is key to encouraging affiliates to sign up and start delivering traffic. If you leave them with questions, they are much more likely to go elsewhere and find an affiliate manager who can connect more easily. Future pace your affiliate partner growth and you’ll set yourself up for the future.

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