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The White House is recruiting TikTok influencers to rally young voters

The Biden administration is looking to work with hundreds of social media influencers, including TikTokers to help spread Biden’s policy agenda ahead of the potentially re-election campaign.

TikTok. The app that the US Congress is currently trying to ban across the country. One of the few political issues to unite democrats and republicans as only China can.

As reported by Axios: “Biden’s digital strategy team will connect with influencers across the nation to target those who may not follow the White House or Democratic Party on social media – or who have tuned out mainstream media altogether. Four Biden digital staffers are focused on influencers and independent content creators. The staffers officially work for the White House, not Biden’s campaign -but reaching young and suburban voters is clearly a priority.”

So, the president known for being “too old” has an administration behind him that is looking to the youth at least. The campaign will focus on TikTok and Instagram specifically, which makes sense. No youths are on Facebook and Twitter is… not a good choice.

But as Social Media Today pointed out: “But it is an interesting comment on the current media landscape, with a Chinese-owned platform, viewed as a potential vector for foreign influence, also considered to be an important platform for connecting with prospective voters.”

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