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The Best AI Tools for Affiliate Marketing

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AI is still a new concept for affiliate marketing, and indeed the world, but it can have a lot of helpful uses when it comes to affiliate management. The discussion around AI in content ranges from worrying about the human aspect of art to putting content creators out of jobs, but we posit there are plenty of applications for AI in affiliate management that aren’t so ethically grey. Like any software, AI tools can speed up, streamline, organise, and otherwise help out. We’re looking at the best AI tools that use can use in your affiliate marketing.

Social media monitoring

Brandwatch is an analytics platform that covers your social media marketing campaign. Your market research can be conducted in real-time, allowing affiliate marketers to make data-driven decisions as fast as possible.

Plus, it’s a posting dashboard in a platform, where you can manage all your social media posts. Schedule, edit, and publish in the same space as monitoring, tracking mentions, and analysing key trends.

There is also Sprout Social, which is a social media management software that allows you to track the performance of your social media campaigns in detail. Analysis of your posts will cover clicks, engagement, impressions, reach and conversations.


Webgains has the software app for you if you’re looking to aid your affiliate tracking. With the Webgains Smart Publisher platform, you can “supercharge” revenue streams by creating, tracking, and optimising your affiliate programs with automated communications with your affiliates.

The Webgains AI program allows you to access everything a publisher needs in the one program, including real-time analytics, manage ads, and a particularly impressive AI-powered Product Discovery tool, which identifies products that will suit your site, based on a study of its conversion potential, worth, availability and earning power.

Content creation

If you are interested in using AI for the sake of content creation, look no further than It allows you to create any text content at scale, almost instantaneously. Make blogs, PR posts, and video scripts in over 25 languages. However, it’s not a case of letting the computer do it all while you sit back. Fact-checking is required to ensure that you are not spreading misinformation or disinformation (see our post on ChatGPT and the AI chatbot: Is there a benefit for affiliates?).

Taking things a step further, Lumen5 allows you to make video content at scale. This content software uses machine learning algorithms and natural language processing to create visuals, dialogue, transitions, and entire video scenes from scratch. This is very useful if there is a YouTube or TikTok hole to fill in your social media marketing campaign.

Ad campaigns is the software that takes the bull by the horns. Create high-quality ad campaigns, from idea to copy that appeal to your target audience. Start by inputting the target audience and campaign goals and see the app materialise various ads in different formats for the equivalent platforms.


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