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The Intersection of Commerce and Content: Publishing Strategies

This week on the Affiliate Marketing Podcast Hanan Maayan, the VP of Marketplace Operations at discusses his journey into affiliate marketing and the impact of AI on the industry. He highlights the transformation of the industry over the years, from the early days of online dating websites to the rise of Google and social media. 

Hanan predicts that the future of affiliate marketing will involve a shift towards high-value, high-touch relationships and a focus on creating meaningful business.

Talking points include:

  • The importance of embracing AI in affiliate marketing and leveraging its capabilities to enhance efficiency and reach the right audience. 
  • AI is a once-in-a-generation disruption that will transform the affiliate marketing industry – what this means for you.
  • The need for publishers to negotiate meaningful partnerships with tech companies. 


Listen in here to this week’s episode…

Industry Disruptions 

Lee-Ann asks Hanan where he thinks AI is likely to take us, “How might the industry look in three to five years’ time? Specifically because you are in a marketplace, you’re dealing with lots of different tech providers, you’re seeing and hearing a lot of things, you know, innovations are happening. I kind of wanted to start there by picking your brain in this episode –what are your thoughts?”

Hanan replies, In our generation, I think we’ve been through three major disruptions since the early 2000s, which I would say the first one was the search disruption. That’s when Google came in and sort of dislodged all the content portals that used to dominate the internet at the time.

“Then search became the dominant way, it became the operating system of the internet really. The second disruption was social media. So, starting at around 2004, but really gaining this immense momentum around 2007. The third is smartphones in 2008 – with the introduction of the iPhone and the app ecosystem.  I would say that all three of them combined feels smaller than what’s happening at the moment with generative AI.”


AI – A Seismic Shift?

Hanan continues, “I’m obviously not going to go and pretend that I know what the future holds and that I understand everything and all the different ramifications of AI. But we absolutely must acknowledge that it’s real and it’s massive.

“It’s not something that we’re going to be able to ignore or just brush away. No, it’s going to transform everything. It’s already transforming a lot of things. I think that as far as our industry is concerned, there are two big sort of swim lanes which are going to be affected by it, which I can think of immediately. The first one is publishing and what AI is going to do and is doing to digital publishing.

“By that, I mean the creation of content. So, up until very recently, the majority of content on the internet was, and probably still is, created by humans. That very likely will not be the case anymore – very soon. The future of content creation and content generation is not human. And that’s a fundamental, that’s a seismic shift.”


The Future of Affiliate Marketing and Advertiser Buy-In

Lee-Ann asks Hanan how he sees the future of affiliate marketing and advertiser buy-in changing in this channel.

Hanan comments, “Earlier I said that I think in our industry, I see GenAI affecting us in two major swimlanes. The first one was publishing, and I think we’ve covered that pretty extensively. The second one is in our channel itself. So, in the actual affiliate, on the affiliate networks, on the platforms, and within our own industry. I think that the key word is automation. I am already seeing that. I’m already seeing it in other industries, such as PPC. 

“It is undeniable that GenAI is a huge efficiency generator. I think I anecdotally told you last time we had a chat about how I was able to do PPC campaign set-up work for a friend that would have normally taken me maybe 10 days to set up or more. I did it in 45 minutes and the results were astonishing. So there’s going to be a lot of automation and as a result, I think a lot of the kind of more mundane or more menial aspect of what we do and our day-to-day as affiliate marketers, as affiliate operators is going to change.”


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Listen to find out more about:

  • The future of affiliate marketing will involve high-value, high-touch relationships and a focus on creating meaningful business.
  • The potential challenges and opportunities that AI brings, such as the automation of content creation. 
  • Hanan’s Journey into Affiliate Marketing


Key segments of this podcast and where you can tune in to go direct: 

[08:07] The impact of AI on the future of affiliate marketing

[16:35] How the methodology of working with publishers is changing

[23:30] The future of affiliate marketing and advertiser buy-in


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