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ChatGPT and the AI chatbot: Is there a benefit for affiliates?

Chatbots are everywhere on the internet. As a consumer, it’s hard to browse the internet without some variation on Clippy (the Microsoft Office assistant) popping up to ask if you need help. Occasionally, there is a person on the other end of the chatbox answering your questions, like Amazon and their team of customer service staff, but more often than not they are packed with answers to commonly asked questions ready to fire off at the user. But not so much anymore. Chatbots are getting more intelligent, thanks to AI. No longer a pre-loaded bot with a few FAQ’s in its itinerary, AI chatbots are more like Siri for websites, able to go searching for the answers you need on the website, and more.

But the full potential of concepts like ChatGPT and other AI-backed chatbots has barely been explored. They’re more than a little buddy on the screen. Take a look at our suggestions on how affiliates can use AI chatbots to further their business.

Customer services

The most obvious and useful need for an AI chatbot is for the sake of customer service. In affiliate marketing, the point is always to aid the customer as much as possible, and this is where the chatbot excels, without having to bother you. The basic chatbot is even an asset in this department, as users can visit your affiliate blog or your website and ask your chatbot how to find something or do something that they can’t figure out at a glance. But that can only do so much. If your customer wants a refund or is looking for a lost parcel for example, they might need to speak to a human being. But, with an AI chatbot, your little helper can do a lot more to aid your users.

Personal growth

AI chatbots can help you out by becoming your own personal tutor. If you are looking to expand your experience and skillset in order to take your affiliate business in another direction, or strengthen what you already have, you can ask an AI chatbot to help you. They can guide you through concepts like business management, explain math problems step by step, give you a marketing lesson, guide you on strengthening your writing for blogging and copy, and lots more. Use an AI chatbot to advance your skillset and grow your business.

These AI chatbots can even help you brainstorm a few side hustles to pursue if you’re looking to take your affiliate blog in another direction.

Debug code

One of the areas that an AI chatbot can help you out with is debugging. Maybe you’re using a website template and don’t really understand the ones and zeros of coding, then let your chatbot handle it. If there’s a problem on your website and you can’t find where it’s coming from because you simply cannot see that typo that makes it all fall apart, your AI chatbot will find it.

It can even write working code. So, if you feed it your idea for what you want on your site, it can make it from scratch, giving you a more innovative blog or website.

Content ideas

When you’re doing something for work, and needing to come up with ideas every day, those ideas can dry up quickly. But with an AI chatbot, you can swap ideas around and get help creating content for your social media marketing.

Not only can the AI chatbot aid you in ideas with inspiration from other topics and posts it has seen covered and researching industry trends, but it can help you with the backdoor stuff too. It can help you do keyword research and compose captions to be sure that your content gets seen by the right people and aid your SEO. It will even analyse the effectiveness of your content and point out where and how you can improve.

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