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Google reveals generative AI ad tools

AI is one of the most exciting topics in tech today, with experts predicting it is set to completely revolutionise a wide range of industries and sectors. Google has been at the forefront of AI research and development, and the company has recently revealed a suite of generative AI ad tools.

The first of these generative AI ad tools is designed to make it easier for brands and businesses to create eye-catching product images. Users can input different prompts and the tool will then generate several versions of a product image with different backgrounds and styles. 

The tool can also be used to remove backgrounds for images and even to improve the quality of images. Product pictures are essential, but many digital businesses find them difficult to get right. This tool will make it easier for brands to display their products online and stand out from the crowd. 

Another of the new tools can be used to generate ad variations based on text and content already on your sight. The AI software can scan your platform or landing page and then produce campaign-specific headlines, descriptions, keywords, and even images based on what it finds. 

Finally, these new tools will create more opportunities for brands that use Google search ads. The AI tech can look at trending search terms and then create relevant ads to target these queries using content from your website. 

Google is also looking to further develop generative search features for users, which will work in conjunction with these new tools. 

According to Google, these new generative AI ad tools will be rolled out to US users in the next few months. 

AI technology has advanced rapidly in recent months, with the incredible popularity of tools such as ChatGPT a clear indication that the technology is here to stay. As these AI systems become more advanced and more sophisticated, we can expect to see them further integrated with digital businesses and operations. 

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