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SoftSwiss is launching a currency exchange feature

Casino platform SoftSwiss is currently launching a currency exchange feature as part of its ongoing support of cryptocurrency.

Players who registered at a SoftSwiss casino with crypto as their primary currency so far have only been able to play games that support crypto. These are few and far between, so SoftSwiss has created a feature that will convert cryptocurrency into national currency, allowing them to play any game.

How does it work?

With the use of CoinMarketCap as a reference for exchange rates, players will be able to create a fiat balance and open the game. In order to open a fiat balance, however, players will have to offer up information such as full name, date of birth, and address.

From there, players can open a game and select a fiat currency. Their active balance will be converted into the rates accepted by the game, typically a national currency. Upon release, all crypto will be converted into USD, but more currencies are expected to be added later down the line.

What has SoftSwiss got to say?

COO Andrey Starovoitov of SoftSwiss said, “I am pleased to share that we are moving forward in making more games available to our operators’ players. A currency exchange feature has long been associated with crypto dice brands, which have amassed a big audience for classic casino content.”

“With the latest innovation in the form of the currency exchange feature, we are opening up our entire game portfolio for crypto players and operators. We are also simplifying the entire player journey and gameplay experience. SoftSwiss has always been associated as a crypto-fist brand, and we are happy to reaffirm that position yet again.”

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