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Twitter is testing interactive ads to expand marketing

Twitter is currently testing three new interactive ads. Three formats are on the way, according to players in the popular social media site, designed to boost Twitter’s marketing appeal on the platform.

So, what are these formats? What can we expect to see?

Interactive ads

The first of the ad formats are the interactive text ads, which feature different displays so that it is clear to marketers and customers that it is an ad, such as larger, bolder fonts, and anchor links made up of up to three words in the ad copy.

This is an interesting idea for affiliate marketers, who can perhaps commission their anchors to be embedded in Twitter posts the same way they are in blog posts.

There is also the “Product Explorer” ad, which offers users a 3D rendering of the item they are looking at so that they can make a more informed decision on what they are buying, much like similar ads found on Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat.

The final product is “Collection Ads” which allow brands to display a range of images alongside a Tweet acting as a caption. Each of the images can lead users to a different site or page rather than a collective landing page, allowing users to head to directly what they want as per the current online shopping trend.

As explained by Twitter: “Brands can display a primary hero image with up to five smaller thumbnail visuals below. The primary image remains static while consumers can browse through the thumbnails via a horizontal scrolling experience.”

What is Twitter saying?

Twitter explained its plans in a product update blog on the site, saying, “As we kick off early experiments, we’ll aim to understand how the new formats resonate with consumers and drive results for advertisers. We’ll test, learn, and iterate based on performance and customer feedback.”

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