Q&A with Vortex Alpha – The Importance of Affiliate Marketing Networks

Affiverse recently sat down with affiliate marketing network Vortex Alpha to discuss the importance of affiliate networks. What can affiliate marketers get out of working with Vortex Alpha? Let’s take a look.

Why should affiliate marketers work with networks such as Vortex Alpha?

We can say without being humble that Vortex Alpha is really a fantastic network that offers plenty of verticals and niches for affiliates to work in, and we also can say that we have many top-converting offers, high payout rates, and 1-to-1 support with our dedicated account management team.

We really take care of each affiliate individually and try to give them the best offers for their specific needs. Our offer is being updated almost every week, as we are working extensively on establishing cooperation with new advertisers and publishers. Besides, our affiliates get regular payouts that often go up to 80% for different types of offers.

What markets are covered by Vortex Alpha’s affiliate marketing network?

Currently, we have offers in dating, Nutra, gaming, casino, sweepstakes, and financial verticals.

What support does Vortex Alpha offer its affiliate partners?

Vortex Alpha offers a dedicated account manager for each partner, whose sole purpose is to support them in optimizing their affiliate reach, curating offers that work best for their specific traffic, and making sure partners are reaching their maximal performance potential. We try to bring the best affiliates to our partners, the ones that can really improve their business and bring big difference.

How can Vortex Alpha’s affiliates track their performance and conversion rates?

Every affiliate has their own dedicated account on Vortex Alpha network platform where they can track every important element of their traffic. Also, our support works basically 24/7, so we don’t leave affiliates to struggle on their own, and we are trying to answer them within 24 hours and fix all their existing issues and suggest to them new directions which could lead to better conversions.

Why do advertisers choose to work with Vortex Alpha?

Advertisers choose to work with Vortex Alpha because this network offers individualized support, high-quality affiliates with global reach, long-term relationships, and continuous traffic. We didn’t have any unsatisfied advertisers yet as we are giving our best to give them new opportunities for business expansion.

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