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Slovakian gambling authority launches Action Plan to limit ads

Slovakia’s Office for the Regulation of Gambling has launched its Action Plan for Responsible Marketing, which outlines plans for the marketing of land and online casinos, including the idea to limit gambling advertisements in the country.

The Office is concerned about gambling products that might reach the eyes of children or those suffering from gambling addiction and aims to lessen the pain by limiting ads, and so has come up with their “Action Plan” to ensure responsible marketing. Advertisements are currently legally displayed across television, radio, sponsorship, and outdoor ads.

What has the Slovakian Government got to say?

The director general of the Office for the Regulation of Gambling, David Lenčéš, said that the government expects to outline clear standards for responsible advertising in the country, explaining,

“It is socially desirable that Slovak gambling advertising has clear standards and responsible content. That is why we are coming up with the Action Plan for Responsible Advertising.

“This initiative of our office involves opening a professional partnership discussion. It is mainly about the intensity, focus, and content of advertising. It will ultimately help us to deal with the ethics of advertising in relation to vulnerable groups and children, in particular, because of the need to use consumer-friendly information about operators’ products and services in advertising.

“Let us not forget the information about the risks of problem gambling, financial losses, responsible gambling, and the possibilities of assistance in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of non-substance addictions.”

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