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Meta is developing new “basics ads” that don’t use advanced targeting

In an attempt to counter losses due to data privacy concerns, particularly in the EU due to GDPR, Meta is developing “basic ads” – without advanced targeting.

Like taking a step into the days of Club Penguin, when Facebook was new, and adverts were not targeted and you didn’t suspect Facebook of listening to you when adverts were for any old thing. Meta appears to be aiming for that simpler time.

It has been the case for a while that social media marketing has been squeezed by tougher regulations, such as the GDPR regulations put forward by the EU to protect user data.

Considering Facebook’s history of scandals that involve misusing user data, it might be a good idea to go back to basics.

What is Business Insider saying?

The story was broken by Business Insider, who said:

“Facebook is in the early stages of developing a product that wouldn’t rely on any anonymized personal info from users, two ad buyers from different ad agencies told Insider. ‘Basic ads,’ as Facebook engineers have been calling them, are aimed at brand advertisers that are trying to build awareness and shape perception of products. One of the buyers, who are known to Insider but spoke anonymously to preserve their relationship with Facebook, said it would be measured by basic metrics including engagement and video views.”

How will this affect marketing?

Online marketing companies around the world will have to adapt to more restricting user data protection measures as time goes on. Facebook is one of the first notable shifts in this direction and marketing companies should take notice. Find ideas for new marketing strategies on our blog.

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