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How you can improve your affiliate marketing strategy with analytics data

An affiliate marketing strategy’s content is only as good as its ability to get out there. Like the product you’re marketing itself, there is no point in getting marketing content out there that is just going to get lost in a sea of more content. This is where analytics data comes in. You can use data analytics to make sure that your content is reaching the audience you’re targeting. You can also learn from what the analytics tell you and tweak your marketing approach to suit.

We’re going over the ways in which you can use analytic data to gain more eyes on your content and gain more followers.

It helps you understand your audience

Analytics data can help you figure out what your audience wants from you. Markets change over time, and the mood of your audience can change, so what was working once might not be working now. Take the pandemic for one. In the beginning, marketing agencies leaned into hopeful pandemic messages, which, by the time lockdowns lifted, had got old really quickly.

Data gathered from your marketing campaign can give an indication of the mood of your audience, paired with data on who your audience is, which should give you an idea of what is making your audience pay attention, or switch off.

With this data, you can make more creative decisions. Take new angles on old messages. Seasonal products can be marketed off-season, perhaps to a surprise acceptance. Products with a determined demographic can be aimed at an offshoot of that demographic, like a product aimed at women specifically targeting mothers or LGBT users.

Monitor customer activities

A side effect of this is that you can monitor your audiences’ activities. This is particularly useful when looking to improve your content. What is causing your users to click, and what is causing them to click off? What is catching their attention and what is losing it?

It is also a valuable tool for your products. You will be able to understand how your audience comes to the conclusion about what they’re buying and why. How do they come to the conclusions they come to? You can then tweak your approach to fit these points, improving customer experience on the way.

Encourage active engagement

You can use analytics to encourage more engagement on all your channels. Start by enabling any means of interaction, whether that’s comments on photos or stitches on videos, etc. to allow people to react to your content and products. Use data analytics to understand them and what you have to do to interact with them.

Remember that user-generated content is essentially free marketing with a seal of approval from someone trusted. You should encourage any means of interacting, even if your product is just one piece of the puzzle piece, like a necklace on a post about the entire outfit.

Use your analytics to determine what content, campaigns, and products are getting the most attention and build off of that attention on other channels. Create more content that narrows in on the aspect people love about it. Is it the satisfying aspect? The wholesome teamwork? The up-to-date fashion? Etc. Track the chatter around the content to determine what people love about it. People are very willing to give their opinion so you should have a lot to work with there.

Focus on a niche

The old tactic of Mad Men was to be as general as possible so as to appeal to a majority. If there were demographics established, they were split into woman, man, housewife, and career-focused. But the internet has allowed for a lot of subcategories to evolve. Even with the phasing out of targeted ads for the sake of user privacy, there are a lot of established “communities” that you can target, ranging through gender, race, location, sexuality, hobby, lifestyle, fashion genre, age, and more.

Create your demographic from your data to ensure that you are aiming for the right people. By consistently monitoring who is looking at and buying your products with data, you will be able to ensure that you are aiming for the most profitable option in all these niches.

Let the data point you in the direction you want to go, and create a profile out of it, detailing who your perfect customer is and what they are interested in.

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