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LinkedIn updates Sales Navigator dashboard

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a dedicated platform designed for businesses that use LinkedIn to sell products and forge relationships with buyers and partners. 

In an effort to drive further business on the platform and make the channel a more attractive destination for digital brands, LinkedIn has introduced a range of updates and improvements to the Sales Navigator dashboard. 

Users will now be able to access an Account Hub on their Sales Navigator dashboard. This serves as a central control unit where buyer info is collated and organised. These details can be sorted and categorised based on different factors to suit individual business needs and to make it easier to keep track of opportunities. 

Users can set special alerts that will inform them of growth changes or shifts in buyer intent, which should help them more easily track buyer behaviour and take appropriate action. 

The Product Category Intent feature will also now be integrated into the LinkedIn Sales Navigator. This will give users suggestions of products that buyers have shown interest in, with the tool monitoring buyer behaviour and activity to generate these results. 

Additionally, buyer intent information will be integrated into Sales Navigator notifications, allowing users to take advantage of opportunities as they arise, and into the platform’s search filters. 

The Buyer Activity section on the LinkedIn Sales Navigator dashboard and Account Hub will also be updated, with new features including information on the profiles that have visited your business website and on new connections between relevant accounts. 

Finally, LinkedIn is updating and improving the auto-save feature, which will give users more confidence that their data will not be lost as they edit and customise their dashboards. 

Given that Sales Navigator costs between $79.99 and $134.99, users will expect LinkedIn to be constantly reviewing and upgrading the service to ensure it serves as a useful and effective tool for generating business on the platform. 

These new updates will certainly make things easier and will help brands maximise results when using LinkedIn to follow leads and secure sales. 

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