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How Data Science Drives Ecommerce and Affiliate Marketing  

Season 12 of the Affiliate Marketing Podcast is back with Episode 2! On this week’s episode, Lee-Ann sat down with the Head of Practice for Digital Transformation, eCommerce, and Strategy at Nimble Gravity, Matt Ranta. Nimble Gravity is a consultancy company that specialises in data science, digital strategy, and ecommerce.

Listen to this week’s episode to hear Lee-Ann and Matt discuss how data science is driving the ecommerce and affiliate marketing industries


Think about SEO ranking factors 

When we hear the word data, we often think of things like sales figures, churn rates, and active users. However, Matt points out that effective data analysis covers a much broader scope of metrics and can be utilised to improve the performance of business websites and digital platforms. 

“What I see really consistently, is that people don’t pay attention to the data points that you can get from third parties who are doing things like speed testing and performance testing of websites. Which, by the way, is an SEO ranking factor.

“So, whether you are running a marketing program for a business, or you are an affiliate publisher who wants to drive traffic into their website, if you are not paying attention to the ranking factors from an SEO perspective, you’re going to be challenged, right?”

Matt goes on to list some tools that can be used to test website speed and performance and reiterates that doing so is crucial for ecommerce and affiliate businesses looking to stand out in today’s crowded market landscape. 

Focus on customer queries 

Lee-Ann asks Matt if he has any growth hacking tips that can boost affiliate program performance. 

Matt replied: “Here’s a great thing to go look at. So, if you have Google Analytics and you’re running search ads through Google, you can go and look at the queries that people are using to actually drive traffic into your website. And then you can also sort through those and understand, and this is great from an e-commerce perspective.

“Affiliate managers can then take those search queries and can say, listen, partners, these are the top terms that are driving traffic into our website where people are actually converting with them.”

Always Be Testing (ATB)

Matt also shared a key mantra that all digital business owners should adopt. While salespeople might say “always be closing”, Matt believes that affiliate marketers and ecommerce merchants should focus on “always be testing”.

“In the ecommerce and digital world, I like to say always be testing. ABT, right? Like always be testing everything. Test your offers. Test your offers in specific channels. What works for an affiliate partner probably isn’t going to work for a paid search. Might not work on social.

“Figure these things out, test those things. Test your landing pages. Test where you’re bringing people into test. If you need to change what a page looks like for one type of referral versus another type of referral, right? Test your calls to action.”

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Tune in to learn more about: 

· Matt’s two decades of experience in the digital business and ecommerce industries 

· Specific methods for testing and data analysis 

· Using affiliate partners as a source of intelligence

Key sections of the podcast and where to tune in: 

[08:00] The philosophy of pragmatic data science 

[12:00] Strategies for improving customer loyalty

[24:00] Using competitive intelligence tools

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