KSA chair announces investigation into operators allowing “excessive financial losses”

KSA chair René Jansen spoke at the 2022 Amsterdam Gambling & Awareness Congress 2022, saying that the Dutch regulator, the KSA, is launching an investigation into several operators who are “failing to implement duty of care for their players” and are in turn allowing “excessive financial losses”.

KSA chair René Jansen said: “We have also seen other excesses that raise questions about how providers deal with their duty of care. I am talking about excessive financial losses for players – tens of thousands of euros – in a short period of time, without any decisive action being taken by the provider concerned. The KSA has therefore launched a broad investigation into the implementation of the duty of care.”

“However, we also know that only a portion of people with a gambling addiction actually take the step to seek treatment,” he added. “We, therefore, welcome the minister [for legal protection]’s announcement that another major survey will be conducted, which will provide insight into the number of players and their gaming behaviour. This creates a more complete picture.”

Added to this announcement was the concept of gambling marketing, to which the chair said: “We’ve all seen them, I think: the signs along the highway and the many commercials on TV.

“But there was also discussion about the question of whether the playing limits are restrictive enough, and whether the duty of care of providers is adequately implemented.”

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