Amplify Summit is nearly here! Here is what some of our speakers had to say:

Our 2023 Amplify Summit is approaching fast. From 17 – 18 January of next year, you’ll get the chance to access a wide range of different talks, panels, and workshops hosted across the two days.

Affiliate marketing is a constantly evolving industry, so keeping on top of the latest trends, technologies, and techniques is absolutely vital. This is why we’ve invited a number of key industry figures to take part in the Amplify Summit. They’ll be there to offer you invaluable insights into the affiliate marketing field and will draw on their expertise and experience to do so.

To give you a taste of what’s to come, let’s find out what some of our speakers had to say.

Daniel Lancioni

Currently Global Senior Director of Partnerships at the collaborative growth platform Reveal, Daniel Lancioni has over 12 years of experience in the software and services sector. After spending the first period of his career on the affiliate marketing side, he has since moved into the world of B2B alliances and partnerships. Dan is a firm believer in the importance of an effective partner strategy and sees it as a cornerstone of any successful modern business.

Here’s what Dan had to say about taking part in our upcoming Amplify Summit: “It’s an amazing opportunity to network live with many of my peers – old and new – in the industry, across the partnerships, agency, customer, and technology world.

“This isn’t just ‘another thought leadership event’, it’s an opportunity to pick up new tactics and habits which you can employ in your own day-to-day role, to make you, your business, your partners, and your customers, successful. In the face of recession, global pullbacks, and escalating CPMs, the partnerships industry remains one of the most cost-effective, scalable, and predictable ways to do business this century.”

Fatme Bostandzhieva

With five years of experience in performance marketing, Fatme currently holds the position of Partnerships Manager UK at PayPal subsidiary PayPal Honey. Her commitment to a data-driven approach and partner performance optimization saw Fatme listed in The Top 50 Performance Marketing Players in 2019, so we’re incredibly excited to have her as part of our Amplify Summit. Here’s what Fatme had to say:

“I am thrilled to be part of an exciting discussion at this year’s Amplify Summit and share insight as to how PayPal Honey helps retail brands navigate and respond to consumer behavioral changes through technology.”

Jason Fairchild

Co-Founder and CEO of ConnectedTV (CTV) advertising and attribution platform tvScientific, Jason Fairchild is a true ad tech industry expert and is regarded as a leading figure in the sector. Jason has a track record of scaling new technologies and business models using a combination of media techniques and technology.

Speaking ahead of our Amplify Summit, Jason said: “I’m excited to share how CTV advertising is the next great opportunity for performance-oriented advertisers of all sizes. For the first time since the advent of television, marketers are able to leverage digital-like measurement and attribution to embrace TV as the next massive growth channel. There are 110m US households waiting to be turned into performance marketing’s next frontier.”

Carlton Hoyt

With a background in marketing and a doctorate in neuroscience, Carlton Hoyt, Ph.D., is currently Senior Vice President of Operations at cryptocurrency fintech company Deepwaters. Carlton also co-founded Beam Ads, an adtech firm looking to implement blockchain analytics in data-driven marketing techniques.

Here’s what Carlton had to say about his involvement in our upcoming Amplify Summit: “The continued expansion of blockchain and its growing applicability and value in marketing is something that I’m so passionate about that I co-founded a company working on just that.

“Blockchain is a novel space, and there is a lot of potential for its greater adoption of affiliate and performance marketing, for marketers to leverage the tools, technology, and data now available due to blockchain, and also for the technology itself to transform some aspects of marketing. I’m excited that the amazing team at the Amplify Summit has provided a platform to discuss it and honored to be included!”

Nick Mattingly

Co-Founder and CEO of Switcher Studio, Nick Mattingly has extensive experience in social video and has forged major partnerships between his company and brands such as Facebook Live, LinkedIn, and Microsoft Stream. Nick is also a member of the Endeavour Entrepreneur Network and serves as a FastCo. Contributor.

Speaking ahead of the Summit, Nick said: “We’re thrilled to partner with Affiverse for this year’s Amplify Summit as a speaker and sponsor. It’s humbling to be on the roster with such a talented group of folks across so many different industries.”

Pritpal Shokar

With over 10 years of experience in addressing customer problems and developing novel banking, payments, and digital asset solutions, Pritpal Shokar is committed to using new technology to improve services and customer experiences.

Here’s what Pritpal had to say about what he plans to bring to the Amplify Summit: “You don’t need to be an expert in Web 3.0 and crypto to understand how it’s enabling the next evolution of the digital global economy. Let’s demystify common misunderstandings, explore use cases, and discuss how you can get ahead of the curve.”

Our 2023 Amplify Summit is nearly here, and spaces are filling up fast. Ensure you don’t miss out and secure your place today!

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