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Dutch regulator reprimands gambling operators

The Dutch gambling regulator Kansspelautoritet (KSA) has begun cracking down on illegal gambling activity in the country, taking action against a number of operators found to be in breach of regulations.

According to the regulator, said operators breached rules in the period leading up to the beginning of the 2022 Qatar World Cup. The names of these operators were not disclosed, but the KSA did confirm the actions that lead to the disciplinary procedures.

The KSA confirmed that two operators were reprimanded for offering wager options for the number of yellow cards shown in a match, a practice that is prohibited under Dutch regulations. Another operator was alleged to have been offering games of chance while not holding the correct license to do so.

A further operator was warned for using a role mode to advertise their services. The use of role models in gambling advertisements was banned by the Dutch regulator through legislation published in June. Role models are defined as anyone who “enjoys some form of public fame”, including people like sports stars, YouTubers, and social media influencers.

In October, the KSA issued a warning to two operators found to be in breach of this rule by using the voice of well-known Dutch public figures in a TV advert and in a podcast.

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