Digital Fuel Intelligence will provide 'unique insights and actions’

Digital Fuel Marketing is set to unveil a brand-new innovation at this week’s ICE London 2019 event.
Digital Fuel Intelligence is the ‘new Open AI powered service offering’ which will enable ‘betting and gaming brands, irrespective of size, to develop a true marketing relationship with their audience by providing unique insights and actions’.
Digital Fuel CEO Toby Oddy explained: “With such a competitive acquisition landscape, it is imperative that brands are able to understand their users from that first interaction, and continue to learn about their behaviours and triggers.
“Digital Fuel Intelligence connects all of the dots and uses AI to not only scale acquisition campaigns but also extend LTV’s across audience segments. With the latest marketing technology and our experience driving strategy and execution, we are able to take the pressure off internal marketing teams, allowing them to concentrate on creating fresh and innovative campaigns.”
Combining artificial intelligence and automation with Digital Fuel’s experience of customer acquisition and user engagement, this solution will give operators the necessary tools to scale personalised, multi-touch programs at all stages of the customer life cycle while reducing heavy IT involvement or data science resources.
Oddy added: “this platform integrates all areas of the betting experience in real time, from trading to marketing, offering a truly unique solution that we’re proud to be bringing to market.”

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