AMPLIFY Summit 2024 | Spotlight on Phonexa

The Affiverse AMPLIFY Virtual Summit is fast approaching and we are counting down to the event on March 19 and 20. We are proud to shine the spotlight on Phonexa UK CEO David Pickard, who joins so many other Industry Titans speaking at this year’s digital event. David will be speaking on the Panel: Incrementality and Tracking: The Need for a Paradigm Shift around Incrementality UPLIFT and Accurate Tracking to Build Sustainable Growth. This panel features a line-up of heavy hitters to talk through how ineffective tracking can drive incrementality down and what to do about it. From first-click to last-click and post-sale promotions, we’ll talk about everything you need to know to focus forward and AMPLIFY incremental growth this year –leveraging partnerships to the max to deliver it!

About Phonexa

Phonexa was founded on the idea that we don’t need to accept things just the way they are. By creating lead generation solutions that measure marketing performance, they empower businesses and customers by giving them the solutions to improve their work and daily lives. Phonexa is the underlying technology that carries through the consumer lead and call lifecycle. Manage strategic partnerships, and provide customised campaigns that are designed to hit CPA targets for advertisers across campaigns while also working to improve the user experience.

We asked Talar Malakian, CMO of Phonexa, to answer a few questions ahead of AMPLIFY 2024:

Q. What motivated Phonexa to sponsor AMPLIFY SUMMIT 2024?

A. The Amplify Summit is the perfect place to connect with affiliate marketers, educate, and more importantly, for us to learn about problems to better iterate, improve, and offer solutions. Phonexa is a performance marketing software made for affiliate marketers, by affiliate marketers. We’re always looking for a captivating way to engage our community and help affiliate marketers level up with their programs and campaigns with our industry-leading tracking and distribution solutions for calls, leads, clicks, emails, and more.

Our touchpoints with Affiverse x Amplify Summit over the years have been great. We got terrific feedback when Phonexa UK CEO David Pickard recently joined Affiverse founder Lee-Ann Johnstone on the Affiliate Marketing Podcast to unpack valuable insights around the vital role lead generation plays in the affiliate marketing ecosystem and effective approaches to affiliate management.

We are expanding our partnership with Affiverse this year, so look out for more helpful and informative content from us moving forward across Affiverse channels.

Q. What was the appeal of sponsoring a digital event over a physical event?

A. Phonexa is a global company with headquarters in the USA, UK, Canada, and Ukraine. Our clients and partners are industry leaders around the world. Our company and global consumer base alike realise that we can’t be everywhere at once, every single time, so what better way to gather, learn, network, and drive new business than doing so online? Physical events are always great and will stand the test of time, but we also understand the value a digital event brings, especially with the affiliate community, who are already digital natives. Digital events transcend international borders and bring us closer to communities we previously might not have had access to. Accessibility equates to wider reach, flexibility, and scalability – we’ve met some of our top-performing affiliates at digital events throughout the years.

Q.  Are there specific aspects of AMPLIFY that make it particularly attractive to you? 

A. We love the potential around the Amplify Summit because it directly targets affiliates and affiliate managers working across all industries. A lot of times events try to be everything for everyone, but it’s even more important for events to be hyper-focused and niche to attract the right audience. In addition to the branding and visibility a sponsorship brings, we particularly love the Amplify Summit agenda. The content and programming are great because it curates touted speakers and workshops from companies who manage millions in revenue. Phonexa also operates within that same ecosystem and we love to hear success stories from current partners as well as the potential partnerships we’ll forge in the future.

Q. What was your biggest lesson from 2023 and what exciting plans can you tell us about for 2024?

A. Phonexa’s tech team is always working hard to innovate and build custom solutions across our products to optimise and power performance marketing automation campaigns. We have several exciting updates across our suite of products.

We’re excited to release a new and improved version of our Cloud Phone System product Cloud PBX to power both performance marketers and customer contact solution centers alike.

Our Email & SMS Marketing solution E-Delivery is getting equipped to be more robust than ever by allowing affiliate marketers to send emails to SMTP relays and to improve the retargeting efforts for calls, leads, and generated traffic.

Also, our automated accounting product Books360 set up several key integrations with top payment providers like Corpay, PayPal, Stripe, and Tipalti allowing customers to automatically pay publishers and invoice buyers with ease.

AMPLIFY 2024 – Gain everything you need to stay ahead of what’s changing and what’s trending

AMPLIFY has been curated to ensure you leave with actionable insights to help you to focus on growing your affiliate program results. Our speakers will show and tell you exactly what tools, strategies and tactical frameworks you can use to stand-out.

Get your On-Demand ticket for just £49:

  • Gain on-demand access to all of the content from both days. 
  • Prioritise the session that holds most value to you
  • Take your time to catch-up on each session, replay the bits you missed and relive the conversations from each day.
  • Engage in our private ASK ME ANYTHING networking session. Exclusively for on-demand ticket holders, our industry experts will help you triage and overcome your current affiliate program challenges  



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