AMPLIFY Summit 2024 | Spotlight on Alpha Affiliates

We are delighted to announce that Irina Pisanko, CPO at Alpha Affiliates, is presenting on a panel at this year’s AMPLIFY Summit for affiliates and affiliate marketers. Irina will be sharing her insights on emerging markets in iGaming, tailoring program maangement strategies for local markets, and managing regulatory landscapes when venturing into new territories. She will also explore the opportunities, trends, and strategies key to thriving in rapidly growing Latin American markets such as Brazil, Mexico, and Chile.

Irina’s Pivotal Role at Alpha Affiliates

Irina Pisanko is a distinguished professional and a key figure in the realm of iGaming, currently serving as the Chief Product Officer (CPO) at Alpha Affiliates. With a wealth of experience and expertise, Irina plays a pivotal role in steering the development of the company’s turnkey projects. Under her guidance, the turnkey projects as 1RED, Loki, Spinch and OnLuck stand out for their innovation, user-friendliness, and competitive edge in the dynamic iGaming landscape.

Irina says, “This year at AMPLIFY, I’m excited to share insider perspectives on the key focus areas within LATAM’s emerging markets and discuss crucial considerations for success in 2024. I look forward to connecting with new affiliates and partners during this exclusive virtual learning event and hope to see you joining us!”

We asked Irina to answer a few questions ahead of her panel discussion at AMPLIFY 2024:

Q. What motivated Alpha Affiliates to sponsor AMPLIFY SUMIT 2024?

A. Alpha Affiliates is thrilled to be the platinum sponsor for the AMPLIFY Summit, hosted by Affiverse. This sponsorship is more than an opportunity to connect with top affiliates and industry leaders; it’s a strategic move to place Alpha Affiliates at the forefront of the affiliate marketing industry. The summit provides a platform for networking and forming partnerships. It serves as a stage to showcase our brand’s leadership and innovation in affiliate marketing. By engaging with the latest trends and strategies in affiliate marketing, we aim to enhance our program and offer substantial support to others in their affiliate marketing endeavours.

Q What was the appeal of sponsoring a digital event over a physical event?

A. In the evolving landscape of events post-pandemic, digital events offer unique advantages. They allow for a broader, global reach, removing geographical barriers and enabling connections with affiliates in emerging markets, such as Latin America. Digital events offer cost-effectiveness, not just in terms of reduced expenditure but also in maximising the return on investment (ROI) through focused content delivery, branding, and lead generation. They also offer measurable success metrics, making them a strategic choice for Alpha Affiliates alongside other traditional in-person conferences and events.

Q How do you plan to leverage the event sponsorship to strengthen relationships with existing partners and attract new affiliates to your program?

A. Alpha Affiliates deeply values the significance of our involvement in affiliate industry events, like the AMPLIFY Summit. These opportunities are pivotal for enhancing the visibility of our brand within the market. We’re keenly aware that the attendees of such events, who are potential collaborators and clients, seek forums where they can gain fresh perspectives, understand industry trends, and learn practical growth strategies that align with working alongside Alpha Affiliates. Our sponsorship transcends financial investment, embodying a strategic initiative elevating our affiliate marketing presence. This engagement allows us to demonstrate our innovative methods and commitment to mutual success and reinforce our stature as a progressive and influential entity in the fast-evolving affiliate marketing domain.

Q Are there specific aspects of AMPLIFY that make it particularly attractive to you? 

A. AMPLIFY stands out due to its diverse audience, including affiliates, CMOs, entrepreneurs, and digital marketing experts.  Speakers are hand selected by Lee-Ann Johnstone, the company CEO to offer a diversified agenda and opportunity to mix with audiences around the globe to come together and learn what’s new and trending. This diversity allows us to showcase our services to various tech-savvy professionals. The event’s focus on cutting-edge techniques and strategies in affiliate marketing aligns with our goal to be at the forefront of innovation in the industry. We value the opportunity for knowledge sharing and engaging in meaningful discussions on key industry topics at AMPLIFY.

Q What was your biggest lesson from 2023 and what exciting  plans can you tell us about for 2024?

A. The key lesson from 2023 for Alpha Affiliates was the importance of diversification and adaptability in a dynamic market. Our growth trajectory, with over 15,000 partners in more than 50 countries and 2 million players globally, underscores our successful strategies. The 20% increase in new partners and our involvement in global events like SiGMA Malta highlight our expanding influence. Our ‘Affiliate Race’ campaign was pivotal in retaining and rewarding partners, emphasizing the significance of engagement and incentives in affiliate marketing. Looking ahead to 2024, our focus is on expanding into new markets, launching innovative sportsbook products, and enhancing tools and support for our affiliates. Participation in events like iGB, SBC, and SiGMA will solidify our media presence, while AMPLIFY offers a platform to share our vision and propel our growth further.

The Final Countdown!

We can’t wait to welcome you all to AMPLIFY on March 19 & 20,

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