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Amazon is using AI to summarise customer reviews

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is taking the world by storm. These dynamic, intelligent systems are transforming a range of different industries, optimising processes and automating tasks. In recent news, Amazon is using AI to summarise customer reviews on the platform. Let’s find out more…

Customer reviews are integral to Amazon and to the wider ecommerce industry. Shoppers use them to gauge product quality, reliability and legitimacy. They can be the deciding factor that determines whether or not a customer will move forward and purchase a product.

In recent weeks, Amazon has been trialling the use of AI to summarise customer reviews on certain products. Displayed at the top of the reviews window, the ‘Customers say’ section contains a short paragraph that collates key points and highlights from all submitted customer comments.

These key points also feature as clickable buttons below the AI-generated summary. Users can click these buttons to read reviews that mention specific attributes, such as: product build quality or performance, for example. This will make it easier for customers to find reviews that are relevant to their interests and their preferences.

Furthermore, Amazon is using AI to stamp out fraudulent reviews. Fake reviews can be used to trick customers into purchasing low-quality products and have long been an issue on the platform. By using AI and machine learning tools, Amazon can analyse submitted reviews and identify which are authentic and which are illegitimate.

The update comes after Microsoft implemented a similar system last month, with AI being used to summarise customer reviews on the Microsoft Store.

What is the impact on affiliate marketers?

For affiliate marketers and ecommerce merchants who use Amazon, this will be a welcome update that should help customers make purchasing decisions faster and with more confidence. Rather than scrolling through an endless list of reviews, customers will now  be able to read a quick summary that will give them all the information they need.

If you are an affiliate marketer who directs customers to an Amazon Store, product reviews are essential for motivating customers to take that extra step and make a purchase. Now, the key points from reviews will be displayed front and centre, giving customers an immediate insight into a product’s highlights, which should help to drive further sales.

Studies have revealed that modern digital consumers have increasingly short attention spans. For marketers, this means streamlining the shopping process is absolutely imperative, as complicated or convoluted purchasing flows will see customers quickly lose interest. These new AI-generated review summaries will prove key in this streamlining process and should ensure that consumers stay engaged when shopping online.

The feature is being tested on certain products in US markets at the moment, with plans for a further rollout in the near future. As AI technology improves, we can certainly expect ongoing integration with affiliate marketing campaigns and the wider digital marketing industry.

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